Howto get notifications on the lock screen (of a specific app)

I want to use Xabber as my instant messaging software. This works really great, the only issue I have is that when new message arrive and I miss the beep and vibration, the only notification is a tiny, tiny, tiny yellow box on the Xabber icon in the notification bar.

Is there any way to announce a new message as an icon on the lock screen as this is done for missed calls or text messages (SMS)?


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This is a good question! I would say that this is a specific feature of an app, so you could place a feature request on the website of Xabber.

Hi, yes, I have done that already, but thought it might also be dependent on the used launcher/lockscreen. I was not sure what is plain vanilla Android and what is Fairphone specific, so I thought I would give it a try and ask!

If the Lockscreen is not standard, an app will do hard to get its notifications there. On the other hand, it could be a feature of the lockscreen to select apps where its notifications are displayed on the lockscreen…


True, I haven’t thought of it this way…

What did the people from Xabber tell you?

You could try installing Dashclock Widget and the dashclock custom extension. You can then configure this to notify you on the lock screen from other apps :smile:

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Nothing, they have not replyed (yet). It was hard enough to find an email address of them, so lets see if they are willing to interact at all…

Hmm, might have overlooked something, but I have not found a way to make Xabber notificaitons apear on the lock screen. The extension just enables me to launch xabber from the lock screen…

Apologies, my fault. It’s the dash notifier extension you want. It’s customisable to listen for notifications from apps

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Isn’t notifications on the lock screen something that’s newly introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop?

With SMS and calls, there is a notification, which you can drag to the center of the lock circle. But it is only possible for the SMS and telephone apps.