How transferring photos or mini video clips from WhatsApp to my desktop computer and vice-versa?

Mega, Super, Giga Top. I’m getting close to my next question about how to transfer video clip, etc, to my Mac and vice versa, i.e. how to transfer pictures and a 5’33” video clip to the FP. About the latter: I just discovered I’ve enough space, even for a 5’33” video clip of 17,2 MB… which seems negligible to the 256 GB (= enormous to what I’m thought) in total.
I guess it’s better to make a new topic, isn’t it? Something like:
How transferring photos or mini video clips from WhatsApp to my desktop computer and vice-versa? (as well as pictures both ways + I guess via the Files app (mentioned in: Settings > Storage). < < < the Files app seems crucial, isn’t it?

As I answered in the other thread before it was split…

To answer your WhatsApp-question: I’d recommend to open in your browser and connect it to WhatsApp in your phone to copy anything from your WhatsApp threads to your PC. (In WhatsApp on your phone select the three dots and “Linked devices” for instructions.)

There are several threads in this forum on transferring files from a mobile to a computer via a cable. You may search a forum for these.

I could copy an important screenshot to files, but I can’t send it with mail because when I press mail, its ask an email address (which it should know) but the field remains blank (without any possibility to click (or choose from a list) on what it already has), so I entered it again, manually and then it says:

This account already exists on your device! <<<
THIS MAKES ME CRAZY (yes, @Meaghan, here I’m shooting, i tried for 1 full hour, without any progress).
And no way to tell it to use what it knows, i.e. “the account which exists”
So how to use what it knows without entering it?!?? There is no menu, no option, no button except next.
Note: thanks to @k3dAR I could pair (on my computer-, my Fairphone to my computer but that it. I don’t know how to continue.
I also could move a WhatsApp video to the files app.
So now I want to transfer it (via mail, seems the most easy, no HW involved), to the computer.
And vice versa, to send a picture (or icon) from the computer to the FP.

@Meaghan, @mgkoeln: I can transfer files from FP to my computer via WhatsApp. But I still can’t find how to tell Google to use my well known email address: here the only log-in screen I get, and which stubbornly refuses to give/show it and no choice to tell him, I don’t want any other email address, nor delete, nor create a new one.

Funny to include an image you’ve to choose UPLOAD!

Thanks for telling me how I can avoid this crazy login, and use mail straight away < < <
Dear mgkoeln, thanks for helping me with WhatsApp!

Edit moderator: removed the picture showing the e-mailaddress.

Please do not share your email address in an open forum.
This is a thread on transferring photos and or files.
You may find more guidance on that here

I am not sure how to help you with Google account, is telenet a google account? If not, I guess you need another email client to use it.


What are your trying to do with your Google account? As the error message claims “This account already exists on your device” it seems you’re already logged in but try to access a secondary account?

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@Meaghan: Thanks you. I feel stupid. I am probably so overwhelmed with all this new stuff that I was sure it was a gmail address… although it explicitly and clearly showed it was not. So: mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. and: thanks for waking me.
My email-address has the maximum allowed size, so I put it first in Notes, to keep a copy, I can past but:

  1. It first showed it in notes and then it disappeared!! How to make sure it is kept? There is never a “save” button, not “finish”?, not anything to keep it.
    I learned to pin it, but is this enough? And why can’t i “paste” any text in a title or filename? I had to type that maximum length email-address 3 times. because in gmail too, was no “paste” option = Grrr… < < < this is meant to laugh (to be a bit laughing of myself, of all my difficulties I encounter. in this new environment.
  2. Finally it worked and… it worked!!! Yiepie!!!
    So this topic is closed.
    Thanks a lot, you dear Meaghan :slight_smile:
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@mgkoeln: Yes, i was completely messed up, cf. message to Meaghan. Thanks.
I could close it now :slight_smile:

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