How to use VoLTE on FP3

My carrier (hollandsnieuwe, The Netherlands) supports VoLTE (dialer code *#*#4636#*#* -> Phone1 Info shows enabled “VoLTE Provisioned”).

My carrier has recently dropped 3G support. Thus, when I need to use mobile data (not WiFi) during a phone call, I need VoLTE to work.

Currently, my FP3 seems to drop the mobile data connection during calls started on 4G. I would expect that, with the FP3 supporting VoLTE, a 4G call would keep the mobile data connection.

Any thoughts?

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Maybe so, but your mobile plan still has to support it for it to actually work.
Is this the case? Did your provider confirm this to you?

I also noticed data turning off during a call, but it’s been a while since I’ve noticed it. I’ll try to reproduce it.

I checked with them - their website says VoLTE and VoWiFi are supported from Feb 20, 2020, on any fully updated phone.

I can add that VoWiFi works on my FP3, since a WiFi symbol appears left of the phone number on the dialer screen.

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Just an idea, maybe this is an approach.

Thanks, I think this suggests how to use a second SIM. My case is specifically for using phone and data functionality on a single SIM, using VoLTE.

Got replies from Fairphone support (indeed - they do reply):

Fairphone 3 is technically capable of using VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies but we are still waiting to complete the partnerships with the various phone carriers. At this moment we do not have an exact indication of when those partnerships will be finalized.

So @AnotherElk was right in a way: Fairphone and Hollandsnieuwe apparently have to arrange a partnership to make VoLTE work. And VoWiFi, but that’s somehow already working on my FP3 :upside_down_face:


Hello @fidelious,

you were personally in touch with Fairphone support, right?

Could you please ask them, if VoLTE on VoWiFi support delivered from the telco operators (as just released by Vodafone) can be included into open market version (Fairphone’s baseline software) and if they can release this part it in a Fairphone Open software as well, ideally not as a “blob” called secret binary but open for everybody?

Hi @Amber,

not sure I fully understand your request, so please help me: you would like me to ask FP support to

  1. release their VoLTE/VoWiFi software as part of the FP OS, instead of delivering it directly to providers;
  2. open-source this software for inclusion in third-party FP3 ROMs

Frankly, I’m no expert in this matter, so I’m hesitating a bit. My exchange with FP support was just a regular support ticket, not a person-to-person call. Wouldn’t it be best if you asked them directly?

VoLTE and VoWifi capability good for use for within Vodafone network was added by Vodafone and other network carriers to Fairphone’s software. What I couldn’t find out so far is, wether it can be publicly distributed or is closed software. I have understood, though I’m not entirely sure, that Fairphone gets back the whole firmware ready for distribution.

So, if you got a supporter for your enquiry who answered the above to you, then it would be interesting to get to know if he could tell, if this added software by the operators can be released as open source to the Fairphone Open Source OS (if it will be released) or distributed to LineageOS and other firmwares.

If you believe, that I should ask this to Fairphone I can also do, if you could tell me who answered to you (possibly by direct message to avoid spamming in this public thread).


Sent you a DM with the details! Good luck!

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That was an excellent idea. Any updates regarding this request?

Hi @johanbove

No, I’m afraid not :frowning: