How to use the fingerprint sensor?

I’m not able to use it to unlock the screen.
Do you have some suggestion to best store and use the fingerprint digit?
Because I think the prob could be:
or I store bad the fingerprint digit
or I try to use it again bad

Any Idea?



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Hope this helps:

Sbloccare il telefono con l’impronta - Guida di Pixel Phone (

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A few tips given by a forum member:

You should also try to turn your finger as much as possible on the fingerprint reader when saving it so that it recognizes fully your finger.

Otherwise, if you have a very low recognition rate, you may have a faulty sensor. Then you should #contactsupport.


“maybe” I found the solution
I’ve found that the angle of finger-digit, is to much important.
maybe, the problem is this.

I’ve changed the hand with whom I store the finger prints.

And I’ve store (less or more)the position of my hand in the moment I made the finger print.

I thought that the position (angle) was non so important.


Record different parts of your finger: plain middle, slightly rotated to side, slightly shifted towards the tip…
Record the same finger several times in different conditions: normal, sweaty, in the cold…
The idea is to cover as many real-world situations as possible.

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