How to uninstall OpenGAPPS

I have Open OS, OpenGAPPS and Xposed on my FP2. Unfortunately, I have an app that won’t run due to SafetyNet and RootCloak won’t do. Therefore, I was thinking of following this brilliant guide (Step 5) by @paulakreuzer and @oli.sax. One step of the guide is to install microG and as far as I understood it serves the same purpose as OpenGAPPS. I’m not sure if the guide would also work with OpenGAPPS and I couldn’t find anything regarding SafetNet on their website, so I thought it might be easiest to just switch to microG instead. However, I’m not quite sure how I should do that best or how I can uninstall OpenGAPPS in the first place. I couldn’t find any info regarding an uninstall anywhere and was hoping that maybe one of you could help me out with 'catching ‘em all’ again…

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When I was in the same need of uninstalling OpenGapps, I did the choice of backing all my apps with Titanium backup, reinstall FP Open OS and restore the apps I use…

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Alternatively you could try to backup with TWRP, reinstall the OS and then only restore the data partition. GAPPS are system apps and should not be included in the data partition. If there is still some Google stuff left after that you should be able to delete it with Amaze.



how can I remove the open GApps from OpenOS.
Google was long enough on my phone :slight_smile:
It´s time to say goodbye

I never used OpenGAPPS, so I have no personal experience but according to openGAPPS FAQ you can:

Using the Advanced Features & Options, you can actually bypass the installation or remove any GApps installed application from your device.

So I guess you simply run the install script again and find the advanced options.

If that doesn’t work you can do a backup of your data partition with TWRP, then do a hard reset/wipe and then restore the backup.

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