Did the lastest update reinstalled Google on my FP2?


I was using the Open version of the FP2 OS with open gapps. I know there is an issue with installing open gapps again, and I am aware of the latest posts. My question if different.

I was considering using Yelp Store instead of open gapps to get the apps I wanted, but when I tried to remove the PlayStore I realize I cannot. Furthermore, after the latest OS update, I get recurrent messages that the Play Store and Google Services are not working.

Does this mean I got the official FP2 OS with Google on it after the update? Do I need to install the Open version again?

Thanks in advance for the help

I believe you either have to reinstall openGAPPS or uninstall them, if you don’t need them anymore.

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The update doesn’t wipe the phone. Part of openGapps resides in the part that doesn’t get wiped. In that regard the Android version update isn’t different from the regular security updates. So you’ll need to either upgrade openGapps (but for the new Android version), or remove it. Removing it appears to be done from the installer (you can/should probably use the version you installed last):

Some apps that rely on or optionally use google services may need to be reinstalled if openGapps are removed.


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