How to treat non-English topics

Yeah I think that’s a great idea. Maybe we should also add flags for other languages that don’t have flags yet? e.g: :nl:

Or :at: :wink: How about it, @Techaddict? Is it possible?

should be an easy tweak, I’d say…

Other than that, I think it’s a bad idea to have more then one language per topic, as this might be fairly confusing for the posters.


I like the flags :slight_smile: I’ll modify Italian language threads according to the new standard :stuck_out_tongue: :it:
Thank you for pointing to this feature

2 Likes lists a host of additional flags such as :flag_nl:

The site also says the emoji are compatible with Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case for our installation.

However they have a development kit that is free to include.

Edit: Apparently emoji one is already built in to discourse but has to be selected as the emoticon set by admins.


New smilies have been added before, so that’s not much trouble. The admins only need the svg-files.


No problem, they are available. But I would still look into whether they are already available with Discourse.


Ohoh, I wasn’t aware that changing titles puts threads on top again. Now quite a few topics which I have changed the language indicators to flags were swept up to the top again. Sorry for that.

Edit: Funny, but not all of them show up at the top … only three.

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It only happens to topics with no replys as you are editing the “latest reply”.


Today I had added a language flag to a post title and simultaneously translated the title to English. However someone reversed the translation. Just to make sure we have a common ground and I don’t annoy other people with future edits: Did we not stick to keeping all titles in English like @Stefan had proposed?

[quote=“jftr, post:30, topic:5793”]
Did we not stick to keeping all titles in English like @Stefan had proposed?

[quote=“Stefan, post:14, topic:5793”]
I think the title should stay in English, just like a news feed.

@jftr: You need to read this in context:

I said this to let the non-German-speaking community know about the Austrian events. This is not the case with this topic:

(We edit the Austrian Fairphoners topic’s title whenever there is something new to tell. :slight_smile: )

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@Douwe can we implement the Dutch flag? :nl:


@Stefan Can :nl: be added to the list, as well as the emojis set? People already used the tag, but it isn’t recognised. It also is one of the four ‘official’ Fairphone languages.

EDIT: sorry, didn’t scroll down to te last post, see that it’s been requested already. Hope it can be taken care of :slight_smile:

I only just noticed we have quite a couple of flags added to the icons now. :smile:

:nl: :se: :cz: :no: have been added to the previously existing set of
:cn: :de: :es: :fr: :gb: :it: :jp: :kr: :ru: :us:

Now with regard to some of the most active community folks, we still need
:at: and :ch: :thumbsup:


Why have the added flags another shape than the existing flags?

Because the existing flags are outdated. I believe the next discourse update will make all flags round and include the flags @Douwe added manually.

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I think the flags refer to the language spoken… not the country where the person is from… right? So :de: :fr: and :it: should got you covered…? Or do we need an extra :ch: because of swiss-german?


Agreed :thumbsup: And though my first name might suggest it, I am not Swiss at all myself, but I would assume that when it comes to written language, there’s no need to mark threads as “Swiss-German”. :slight_smile: But then again, we would not need the :us: one either then :wink:

While we don’t need them as language flags I think country flags would add a nice touch to local community topics.

True, but :us: was already part of the system. The others I need to add by hand.

In the next major update of discourse forum software many more flags will be added to the default set.