How to see/send/receive existing sms messages on sim card?


I’ve literally just received my FP3:
unboxed - aok
inserted sim card - aok
charging - aok
turned on and entered sim pin code - aok
logged in to one of my google accounts - aok
try to access my sms messages - error.
There’s nothing there.
It says I can start a new chat but I want to see my exisiting chats.

I’ve never had this issue in my life before with any phone - you slap the sim card in and voilà you have your text messages (oh I’ve been in Android for as long as I can remember too). So what gives?

any help welcome and thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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LOL ok you’ve gotta love when you post a question and figure out what you did wrong almost immediately…
so… note to my future self:

yep, my messaging app on my FP3 works
The only glitch is that my messages on my old phone were not on the sim but rather on the phone.

So. problem solved, but I might look up my own message next time :laughing:


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