How to root the Fairphone 3?

I would be really happy to buy a FP3 as soon as possible. But a crucial pre condition for me is to use a firewall etc. So the FP3 mus be rootable.
In another threat (Fairphone 3 operating system + warranty - #9 by BertG) i read, that there is a howto already somwhere. Can someone provide the link or a howto?


I am also trying to do it.
So far, I want to make a full backup of my FP3 and then trying to install ‘su’, but I don’t have much time right now…
But without root, no titanium backup, so I am still trying to figure out how to make a full backup easily with adb. I am looking at this
I will let you know :wink:

Edit: the previous link seems to not backup contact, SMS and other stuff (see here for technical explanations). So for now, without TWRP or equivalent, I don’t know how to perform a full backup (Nandroid backup). And without it, it is difficult for me to try to root the FP3 as it is my only phone and I am using it ^^


I don’t have my Fairphone 3 yet, but so far I’m using MyPhoneExplorer to sync contacts, messages, calendar data and the whole Internal Storage to my computer.
It’s Windows only as is, but for an earlier version has been reported working on Linux using Wine with connecting the phone via WiFi (on Windows MyPhoneExplorer supports connecting via USB, WiFi and Bluetooth).

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And it works without root?

I’m rooted on my Fairphone 2, so I would rely on the MyPhoneExplorer How To and FAQ not mentioning root.

You just have to install a client App on the phone to which the program running on the computer then connects. I don’t see how root would be necessary.

To access SMS/contact, it is kind of protected, this is why I can’t backup them using ADB. I will try tho, thanks :slight_smile:

I have been using MyPhoneExplorer on my FP2 without root (I still use FPOS Android 6).
And if I remember correctly, there were no limitations for my backups.

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Thank you for the good hints anyway but my main question is how to get root access for the stock Android Pie version. I want to install AFwall+ and XPrivacy etc. Therefore I need root.

So far, it is not possible.

Thank you, @NicoM . Clear answer. But astonishing!

One part is already documented. The bootloader unlock procedure: ✏ FP3: unlock the bootloader

As the article says:
Be aware: you will loose all your data and maybe the warranty of your phone, do this at your own risks

Thanks. Now we need a recovery like TWRP to use root managers like e.g magisk (


Correct, this is what I am trying to do right now, but that is NOT easy at all ^^’


The stock recovery can’t install ZIPs or do ADB sideload?

Nop, or at least I did not find how.

The other option will be to have the stock ROM of the FP3, but I don’t find it anywhere :frowning:


It might be possible to root a FP3 w/official firmware, via a zero day. From what I understood, it requires just 4 basic syscalls.

I do not know. Do not have the FP3 so I can not try. I ill buy one as soon there is a secure way to root the phone.

Do you think, that the FP3 Android also has vulnarability to this zero day exploit? Anyway as far as I understand this option would not be the desired secure way to root the FP3 imo.

FP2, yes. FP3, I don’t know what kernel it runs.

If you got the source to the code which exploits this vulnerability then it should be fine. Thus far, it is exploited in the wild (NSO group sells to nation states).

No news on this one? I will receive my FP3 this month and would also like to root it, to restore Titanium Backups from my FP1 (if that works).


Nothing so far, it is not easy at all :frowning: