How to review product at

Per, users should be able to review products at, but I haven’t been able to find any way to.

After I bought things from Fairphone’s shop recently, I received an email from Trustpilot a few days after delivery inviting me to review (a star evaluation scale and a link in the email took me to the site where I could enter my review).


Did you login in to the Fairphone account, I never do, nor to I respond to queries that transit third parties like ‘Trustpilot’

Is there a specific product you are looking at?

The Fairphone 4.

Ah. I was provided mine as a gift by a dying relative.

You are not then a customer.

How? It was purchased for me, and I was able to register my warranty for it.

The person who buys the phone is the registered owner, that doesn’t change. I have a phone I paid for but my daughter did the ordering with her name so she can log in to her purchase account I can’t and Fairphone can not change the ‘owner’

Those statements conflcit ???

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