How to restore datas after reset factory

I’m having troubles with my FP2 on which I wish to restore datas lost with a reset factory.
I tried several softwares but none worked. So I brought the phone to a professional who couldn’t recover datas neither. He told me there was no way he could recover datas without rooting the phone. As he could’nt root the phone neither, I asked the support and got no answer…
Please, does someone here knows about how to root the FP2 and recover datas??? I really need to recover the photos that were stored in the memory…
Thank you in advance !

Try the search-function of this forum:

  • What you did: you drove your car against a tree
  • What you want: the motor restored …
  • What I believe: forget it without an expert
  • What can you learn about that: find someone around you, who knows much about smartphones
  • What can you do: read much in this forum to avoid such disaster in the future


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Oh Dear saviour ! Thank you so much for this valuable answer which helps me a lot. Now I understand, it’s a like revelation!

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To root your phone there are two options:

  • rooting with superuser (it’s not very easy, but maybe if you print out the instruction the professional could do it for you.)
  • Installing Open OS and enabling root in the dev settings. (I’m not sure whether installing a different OS makes your data even more unlikely to be restored than they already are after a hard reset.)
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Which app did you use to backup your data before doing the factory reset? I guess you’ll need the same app to restore your data.

I finally found this topic on the forum
Since I’m an app developper I am used to working with adb, git etc
This method is really easy then I’m going to give it a try

Ok it’s done ! ^^ thank you !