How to replace Google Location Services

Most apps that need my location can be used with GPS only, but some apps refuse to work without Google Location services. Is there a way to install an app on my phone that replaces the location services by Google or prevents that they are active?

The solution should work without rooting my phone and without an alternative OS, if possible.

MicroG’s UnifiedNLP is meant as a replacement for Google Location Services, but that requirement…

…is probably impossible to fulfill. And running anything microG related on stock FPOS is definitely asking for trouble, I’ve tried it, you’ll constantly run into conflicts with Google Play Services and the install process isn’t trivial and prone to breakage.

Too much of stock (including Fairphone’s own apps) is relying on Google Play Services to make this a viable route.


I see. Trying to use as few Google services as possible while still wanting to use stock Android is really not easy.

But it’s not only privacy. I hate the fake location data of the Google service giving me coordinates of some city 20 km away instead of admitting that they don’t know where I am and waiting for a GPS fix.