How to recover stock notifications sounds After update?

Ok! I got it!
I can dl the whole thing on my pc , I’ll listen these sounds and tell you if I find back sounds I liked.
Thanks !! :+1::ok_hand:

I checked the last three releases and the files in that folder haven’t changed :thinking:

Not sure what’s going on here…

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I compared the list you sent to me, and it’s exacltly the same I can find in my phone… There isn’t any of sounds I had before…
I agree, its weird…
I feel stupid to not having get their name in mind…
I guess a total reset of the phone could solve the problem… Not sure I’m ready to restart all the setup of my phone for 3-4 notification sounds…

I cant find the path you told me above, to reach the folder where sounds are stored in the phone (even if I’m looking for hiden folders/files)

Not all file managers are able to get there. I use Total Commander (“File system root” folder):

Very weird indeed. I don’t think you’ll solve this with a factory reset, the sounds you can select as notification sounds are the ones in that folder. I just checked an old FPOS version from the beginning of the year and they are all the same.

When you say ringing, do you mean you hear that sound when you get a call? :thinking:
If that’s the case we are looking in the wrong place…

I setted this sound as notification sound, so yes, the phone ring the “43” sound when I receive a notification

It think the list also loads files located at the user’s Notifications folder. (I haven’t actually tried that, but it definitely works for Alarms.)

It does, yes.

Just wanted to make sure we understand each other correctly, to me ringing means the phone’s ringing, we are probably all not native speakers here, so sometimes stuff gets lost in translation :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, I’m french, so sometimes I’m not clear in what I’m trying to describe… Sorry for that!
But yes, I’m speacking about Notification sounds, not about phone calls :upside_down_face:

I DL Total Commander and found the path you told me above, but no way to find the sound!
It’s crazy that the phone plays a sound that actually doesn’t exists in it! :crazy_face:

How about we try something different.
Could you record that notification sound, so that we at least know what we’re looking for?
I’m absolutely committed to do everything it takes to get this resolved, I copied some old Android 11 sounds to A12 myself because of the familiarity, so I understand :smirk:

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:sweat_smile: thank you, I reord the sound with my fp2…
How can I send it ?
tis forum only allows pictures right?

Hi. Re the upload > change the file ending to jpg for example and say what the real extension is in a post.

Updating post . . . .

Just checking on my FP3 and noticed the alarm is given a number though it plays the tune I want . . . still checking :slight_smile:

Just noticed I can’t hear the change to alarm or notification under Sound > Advanced
Somehow DND was enabled which only allowed me to hear the ring tone changes


I need to go, I’ll send it later sorry!
Thanks for your help today guys! :ok_hand: :+1:

Just rename it to .pdf, that seems to work : Adara.pdf (10.2 KB)

Edit: To slow :smile:

Ooooh, maybe we are onto something here, the plot thickens :male_detective::mag_right:


yep ok 'Il do that, thx for the tip!

notification 43.pdf (71.4 KB)

extention is .mp3 for this file

hmm dont know what is “DNS”? cant find something like that in Sound/Advanced on my phone