How to read the contact card sent by somebodyelse?

When somebody send me a contact card (“fiche contact” in french), I can’t read it. Is it normal ? it’s a big problem when somebody wants to share the complete identity of some contacts all in the same time (mail, telephone number, company, etc.)
How can I fix it ? Thanks a lot for your help, Marc

Which is the format of your contact cards? The standad format is *.vcf. If you receive such a file, just tap on it and if you’re asked which app to use in order to open it, choose your contacts app. The new contact will then be included in your address book.

Hi, I have a problem also with contact cards. I send contact cards in vcf format via mail (file is .vcf type) and when I double tap it one error message flashes up in a dialog too quickly to be read (something about caching) and then a another error message appears that states “Couldn’t import vCard”. I have also tried directly selecting the file and choosing to open it with Contacts and that also fails.
Any thoughts ?

The first message reads: do not doubletap within Android.

Did you start contacts and tried to import the vcf?

Thanks, that first message makes sense. So, with single tap still getting “Couldn’t import vCard”. If I open Contacts and select Import/Export -> Import from storage it displays error message: No vCard found on the SD card. This might be correct as I don’t know where it is searching. The vCard is an attachment within an email. I am tapping the attachment when I see the message: Couldn’t import vCard.

Also, If I select the vcf file directly using Amaze file manager and “Open with” Contacts it fails with the same error message. This appears to confirm Contacts doesn’t like the file. And strangely, if I try to edit the file using Amaze Text Editor it fails with “There was an error while decoding the message”.

So, the problem is to do with EOL (End Of Line) characters on Unix type systems vs DOS. I was creating an email on OSX and attaching an exported vCard (.vcf) file. This was converting the file to the DOS format (which has carriage return and line feed as opposed to Unix based systems that just have line feed). Instead of sending vCard via email I used SpiderOak (similar to Dropbox but respects privacy). This worked a treat.
The Amaze editor error message was referring to this problem.

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