How to re-read cell broadcast messages?

I was wondering if I could re-read cell-broadcast messages that I recently received a few minutes ago.
It contained a temporary emergency telephone number, for the national emergency number are unreachable right now. I was too quick, closing the pop-up window, before even thinking about writing the number down.

I know, I can still access Internet and look it up. I was just surprised I couldn’t find the message containing the important numbers anywhere. Did I miss something?

On Lineage OS on my FP2 I can find previous emergency alerts under Settings -> apps & notifications -> Advanced -> Emergency alerts -> Emergency alert history. But this is probably different in other/older Android versions?

You’re not missing anything. It is not possible in Android 7.1.2 Fairphone open 19.05.2 .

I found it on 7.1.2 FP Open in the setting of the Messages app.
In Dutch:
Berichten - instellingen - geavanceerd - waarschuwingen voor draadloos.
(funny translations, Dutch android :wink:

In my Messages app these settings aren’t there.
So which Message app are you using?

The settings for the Emergency alerts are at my phone at
Settings, Sound, Emergency broadcasts)
(Instellingen, Geluid, Nooduitzendingen)

As far as I know it is not possible to read an Emergency alerts after you dismissed the alerts. No history.
So it is impossible to re-read the alert.

EDIT: At my phone I use dual sim, which makes it a little bit different in the Messaging App, see my message further on in this thread.

I’m using the default Messaging app ( in FPOOS 19.05.2, and it works for me.

Go into the Messaging app, tap the three dots, then tap ‘Settings’. Then tap ‘Advanced’, and then ‘wireless alerts.’ You should get a list of all NL alerts you have received.

Does this not work?

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No. In App info it says Messaging version 1.0.001
Where can I see if it is

@robbert.f, are you sure that you are talking about FP Open OS? This sounds like the Google messaging app in the normal FP OS, which definitely has this feature in the settings.

I have the same version, 1.0.001. To see package names, you need to install an app like Aplin off F-Droid. Or oandbackup, which is a very useful backup app that also shows package names. Two in one.

But it’s really puzzling that you do not have this option. Do you have root access enabled, and did you receive yesterday’s alerts?

Maybe you missed the step of pressing the three dots in the top-right corner of the app, which was missing in these Dutch language steps.

I go to the Messaging app
tap on the three dots in the top-right corner
I can choose between Archived and Settings
tap on Settings,
I can choose between General, “hollandsnieuw.” SIM, “XS4ALL” SIM
When I choose hollandsnieuw." SIM (which SIM I use for SMS) and swipe to the bottom,
then I see Wireless alerts, tap on that and I see the history.

Yes, my phone is rooted and yes I receive 3 alerts yesterday.

Ok, so the problem was that you have different menu options because of dual SIM.

I guess that makes the difference.

Found it, thank you!

Yet, I’m surprised to see this functionality is somewhat hidden this deep. Reading emergency messages is not something I would look for under ‘Advanced’.
Anyway, problem solved (for me).


good to learn that your problem is solved by now! also good to see that – as so often here – people share their expertise!

i’ve developed the habit to take screenshots of (maybe important) popups. so i don’t need to be anxious whether i find them again later when diving under the hood of an app (“settings”).

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