How to open Fairphone 4? Afraid to damage

Hi all, just got my new Fairphone 4. Apparently I should be able to click to disconnect the back casing, but it seems I need to really force it. Is this true? I am afraid to break it

Here’s a link to a YouTube review that shows how the back cover can be removed - just pull on the little notch and the cover pulls away.


Thanks, it worked! Needed a little extra force and get the angle right


Speaking of how strong the back cover clicks in…Does anyone else notice marks from the back cover in the grooves of the frame (see attached photo)?
I wonder how this will develop, hopefully the back cover will not loosen in the future when removing the cover from time to time.

Concerns like this may be better addressed officially to Fairphone


So… i am no material scientist but i’d suspect given that the back cover is a much softer plastic than the frame… that you’ll have a very hard time damaging those if you use your fingernails to pry it open.
If you do though… It’d be a bit sad given that you can’t really order a replacement frame right now.

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