How to migrate whatsapp history from iPhone to Fairphone 2

Hello - has anyone had success with migrating whatsapp history from iOS to FP2?

I’ve tried both Wazzap Migrator and Backuptrans and both times the FP2 seems to bug out and fall into an endless reboot cycle
Most likely as both options require an app to be installed onto the FP2 in order to pull in the migrated Whatsapp content - but I’m not sure about that

After trying Wazzap migrator it resulted in my FP2 going into an endless reboot cycle, without the whatsapp data having been transferred - so I went for a factory reset

Then I tried Backuptrans iPhone to Android Whatsapp transfer - which seems to have resulted in the same issue. According to the software, the whatsapp data was transferred, but the endless reboot cycle of the FP2 ensued and hasn’t stopped… which is where I’m at now…

So I’m on the brink of doing another factory reset and just forgetting about the whatsapp history and starting fresh…unless anyone has any tips/ thoughts on how to get this to work?!

Does WhatsApp on iOS not have support for making a backup and putting that on Google Drive? Or making a local backup? IIRC, on Android, the WhatsApp history is a simple SQLite DB using crypt7 last time I checked (likely something else now).

Unfortunately not. It makes backups and they will be uploaded to iCloud. You can extract the backups from the device/the cloud, but the iPhone version of the backup is not compatible with Android. There are several tools around to convert the database, but since I have no experience here I cannot recommend any.

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Exactly. The most recommended tools I could find were the ones I mention in my original post - Wazzap Migrator / Backuptrans iPhone to Android - but both resulted in my FP2 bugging out and falling into an endless reboot cycle. I think there might be something more deeply wrong with my FP2, as its fallen into the endless reboot for different reasons (have contacted FP about this)

But I’m still left without any whatsapp history…so wondering if there have been any other successful attempts at migrating the iPhone back up (which I have) into Android compatible version?

What is the file format or used standard of the WhatsApp history in the iCloud backup?

All I found is paid alternatives like here. But for a console (or script) conversion all we need to know is the file formats.

The file I’ve extracted from the iOS backup is “ChatStorage.sqlite” which is the messages history file that Wazzap migrator asks you to move into Google Drive. Their app on your Android will then supposedly recognise it and convert it to the android version, after which WhatsApp would recognise the backup and restore it through the normal way. But it was that step that seemed to never complete on the FP. Reviews of the app seemed to show it worked well for other Android users, so the issue seems to be isolated to FP, or only mine.

That goes only for the messages.
The media files I think are also formatted differently on iOS.
But didn’t get to their conversion given the above.

Right so its both SQLite databases but they’re encrypted differently. How are they encrypted?

I wouldn’t know how to answer “how are they encrypted”…

And I don’t know if the Android version is also SQLite…

All I know is what I’ve shared
Can you advise how to find out how they are encrypted?

My point is that iOS uses open encryption standards (everything in the world does, except Telegram). So it is just a matter of figuring out which one. I’ve been able to find info on crypt5, crypt7, crypt8, crypt9, crypt12 thus far. These are all used to encrypt the data on the phone (in SQLite DB on both OSes).

What I normally do is use file which uses magic (see file(1) and magic(5) on macOS, Linux has equiv).

If you use Windows or don’t use CLI (command line) then I am not sure. I guess right click on the file and Properties or something?

IIRC when I manually backed up WhatsApp histories from Android they also had an extension of *.crypt8 which gives away the data structure. Given from what I read here it seems that on an unrooted phone, the WhatsApp data isn’t reachable. But if the data is saved on a cloud it is by defintion reachable by everyone who has access to the cloud (ie. hopefully you as the owner of the account).

Good rule of thumb: if some kind of GUI app can do it, then a command line app can do it as well. Forensics will prefer CLI tools for these jobs instead of obscure GUI tools. These tools must exist. If the Dutch police can do this, so can we.

I have faith in the Dutch police!

Ok - well the iOS file I extracted from my iTunes backup (ChatStorage.sqlite) is saved in my Google Drive.
I’ve never used a command line app. And from clicking your link to ‘file’ I couldn’t quite decipher what it was I should be aiming for to download…

I’m on macbook, use Google Drive, and I think my iPhone is unrooted (if I understand that as unlocked to any network etc) and as mentioned by Whatsapp data is now saved on the cloud

Eh, I was writing a guide on how to execute the file command on ChatStorage.sqlite but I am pretty sure it isn’t encrypted. If I look at the guide here then you should be able to import the data from your FP2 from within WhatsApp (on Android). At which point did the FP2 end in a reboot loop? Do you have a backup device (old Android device) with which you could verify your steps worked?

Btw you should be able to open your history with SQLitebrowser. Works on Mac as well. That way, you should be able to read the history from within your Mac. Give it a whirl.

I’m back! The radio silence was due to FP acknowledging that my device was faulty.
So, I’ve just received my replacement device, and going to give the Wazzap Migrator another go… as it seems the most effective of them all…if the phone itself isn’t again faulty…

Thanks for your help here

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