How to make a "customized versions of Android" myself?


I’ve a 4.2.2 android (kernel 3.4.5). Fairphone1.

Since I’m a host I’d like to use an app from when I’m not home. Before April 2019 was working on my phone, now they say I must have a version Android 4.4 o or more (they raccomand Android 9 but I think it’s not possible).

I’ll be happy to install a version that can let me work for some years because I bought the Fairphone to stop to change phone every year and I care about battery and all the good things your are trying to do and do.

Please send me a detailed video or a very detailed procedure step by step to do it in a version more detailed and from 4.4 until…

I don’t care about loosing data and so. As you can see I’m not an expert about informatics but if it’s well explained I’ll do it for sure.

Thanks to anyone that will loose time to give me an help.

Have a nice day.

Pablo Moghini from Switzerland

p.s I tried to write to the support but they say my IMEI1 it’s invalid so here I am :slight_smile:

How about you start with installing the Android 4.4.4 that’s available? …

I understood 10% … I have no idea how to make a back up too… sorry about

I don’t have a Fairphone 1, so I can’t really help with that other than advising that you take your time and really read through the 4.4.4 topic.
Since several Fairphone 1 users are running this version successfully, every info to get it to run surely must be in there.

ok I will do it. Thanks for the info. I do not care at all to know how programming, I just care to let it work. I ll try to understand the minimum to do it if it’s possible for me…thanks again anyway. Pablo

There is a Fairphone Heaven in Zurich and in Chur. Perhaps they can help you. Have a look at the map for #fairphoneangels

I see. How many things were invented behind this project. Thanks so much Lidwien!

Hi @Pablo_Moghini,
I just upgraded my FP1 to z3untus Android 4.4.4 some days ago. I followed the guide AnotherElk posted. If you have any questions. let me know!

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