How to make a call from non-default SIM?

I live in Austria and have an Austrian SIM card. I also have a Dutch SIM card, which I only use rarely. Since 95% of the time I make calls from the Austrian SIM card I have it set to always call from this number. In the FP1 I was still able to select the other SIM to make the call from by swiping down the menu and selecting the other SIM. This option seems to be missing in the FP2. Do I have to switch on “Ask me every time” or select the other SIM in Options when I once want to make a call with the other SIM?


In my opinion FP1 is much more user friendly in using dual sim features…

Would be great if we could have some of these features back in a future update.

I have created a feature request for binding a contact to a specific SIM.

If you want to have an override option, you have to create a new feature request.