How to know if my phone has a camera + -module?


I installed the latest update for my FP3+. It said it affects only to FP3&3+'s that has a camera+ module installed.

I suppose that is not installed as a default in the phone? I haven’t done any modifications on mine. How do I know if mine has a camera + module?

The lens and flash section of the camera modules you can see from the outside looks slightly different, see shop pictures …

When did you buy? If you clearly bought a FP3+ then you surely have the +modules…

I bought it in the autumn of 2020. So the plus at the end of FP3 refers to the camera module?

The plus at the end refers to a number of mods

  • Updated rear camera
  • Updated front camera
  • Updated core module (audio component)

The FP3 came with a bumper and had a transparent back cover.
Both + cameras have a white rim as noted above ivia AnotherElk’s link


Could you give me a source for that? As far as I know, every FP3 has the same core module.

Yes. Here are a couple of quotes and links for reference.

Fairphone 3+

The Fairphone 3+ was launched in August 2020.[16][17] It has upgraded front and rear cameras, improved audio, an increase in the amount of recycled plastic it contains (40% rather than 9%) and Android 10.[16] The rear camera has a larger sensor, intelligent scene detection and a higher dynamic range.[18] The front camera has a bigger sensor and a higher dynamic range.[19] The new cameras and speaker are alternatively available as modules that can be swapped in the original Fairphone 3.[16]

The audio improvements cannot be achieved purely by a speaker module upgrade. The speaker module is only for the rear/side speaker and output is only improved if the new core module for the FP3+ is used.[20]
Fairphone 3 - Wikipedia

It comes with two new camera modules and audio improvements to boost technical performance, enhance the user experience, and improve sustainability.

@Teeko The above link shows all the differences


Ok, thanks. Camera+ seems to have a white outer ring so mine is C+. Thanks.

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