How to Install Updates after Encryption

Hey guys,

with the problem “no mobile connection” (see the other topic). I tried to go around by re-installing last weeks Update. The problem is however, that now, after encryption TWRP cannot read the update file anymore. Any ideas how to update?
I’m about to do a reset and reinstall everything… and just not encrypt my phone anymore :frowning:


When you installed Lineage OS did you update TWRP as mentioned in the guide?
If so you should have a TWRP version installed that can handle encryption.

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no I didnt, gonna try that now!

sorry paula, to ask again (feeling stupid…) but where is the guide, somehow i dont find it.

Not sure, maybe this link could help:

(Taken from this posting in the thread “How to Install Lineage OS on FP2 for dummies”:

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The guide to installing the official Lineage OS (here) - for those who don’t come from the inofficial LOS (with a new TWRP already installed) - links to TWRP here.

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Ok! Thank you very much! This problem is solved. I flashed the newest TWRP with which I can decrypt. One problem less. Now I just have hope that I can get back my mobile network connection!