No mobile network connection after encryption

Hey guys,

I experienced something really strange. After I finally encrypted my phone yesterday evening, I do not get any connection with my mobile network anymore(in any of the two simslots). Any ideas from what this results and or possible solutions?

I checked in the mobile network settings in ##4636##

Pingtest fails… Any Idea what that means, and what I can do?

The problem seems with my specific sim. Because I tried another old one, with which I dont have this problem…

Any idea… What to do??

Tried to look for mobile networks manually but it says “error when searching for networks”…

First thing I’d do is double-check the APN settings.

tried to reset the network settings. no success.

APN are as before the encryption, when it worked.

APN is anyway only for internet no? Because I cannot make any calls, nothing! “no service”

What I have to add maybe is that my simcard is recognized by the phone (I need to enter the pin)… but I dont get any fucking connection

Ok. I did a painful factory reset… was too annoyed… I needed to be able to make calls

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