How to identify which parts to replace after water damage


I read the #waterwiki, but to me it looks like the phone was constantly damaged. I had it lying around for about two weeks, during which I tried to turn it on once in a while.

It reaches the point where I have to ented my pattern to decrypt it, but the display hardly ever reacts plus the software registers random strokes without me touching it.

Is there any way to figure out which part should be replaced? Is it the display or rather some other parts?

Thanks for reading.

Did you disassemble it at all?

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Yes, that means not each part, should I do this?

By that I mean I didn’t turn any screws but took apart all parts that didn’t need that…

Well, as you probably read in the waterwiki, disassembling it in full (at least including step 7 here: Fairphone 2 Teardown - iFixit) is always the best recommendation.

Now with regard to the display, if you have the opportunity to test someone else’s FP2 display on your device, that would be ideal (although unlikely, I guess).

If you need to access the data on the phone, you might want to get yourself an OTG adapter that allows to connect a computer USB mouse with the FP2 – this should allow you to control the screen without touching it.

P.S.: There is a Fairphone Angel in your city. Maybe s/he still has an FP2 or FP2 parts to test on your device.


Yeah right I forgot that I could ask an Angel :slight_smile:
Thanks for pointing out what I have not thoroughly read.

I’ve taken it apart nearly completely now…

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