How to hide who is currently replying to a topic

Since the latest forum update a new plugin is enabled by default which lets you see who is currently writing a reply to the topic you are looking at (at the bottom of the thread).

The goal of that plugin is probably to avoid two people giving the same answer to a question.
But the downside is that some people may not answer at all if they see someone else already does even though they may have a unique point of view to offer.

Also personally it just makes me nervous when I see someone starting to write a reply when I’m just writing mine.

So what I go is simply use uBlock Origin to hide the elements of that plugin.
Here is the element you have to block: ##.presence-users

If more people dislike this plugin than think it’s helpful we can also disable it for everybody.

PS: The full entry in uBlock’s “My filters” panel has to look something like this:

! 2/8/2018, 10:05:15 PM*

The date is of course not important. What’s important is that you block the element on all of If you simply use the element picker mode within a topic to block the element you’ll only block it in that topic.


I also think it’s of no use.


Pointless info. Less is more.


Sorry, to me it’s interesting info, as I sometimes already did wait with my reply in the making to find out if it might be obsolete or if there are other aspects, I might add before replying.
But I could live without it of course.


Maybe make it a per user configurable option?


Good idea; it just depends, where the concerns are located and what a user can configure.

  • 1 - Show who is replying (yes/no)
  • 2 - Show that I am replying (yes/no)

1 - If you just don’t want to see who is replying and get a “cleaner” screen, it’s perfect.
2 - If you don’t want to be seen by others as replying to a topic, it should be turned off completely. If the information does not show everyone replying, it’s useless in my opinion.
A possible solution to that would be, to just show, that someone (else) is replying, without giving away the user-name.


I have no problem with (2), but I don’t want to get distracted by (1).

Seems like one reason to like this feature is also the feeling of competition. :wink:


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