FP OS Android 6 VS LineageOS Android 7

Hi everyone,

Sorry, I’m pretty sure there already is a topic covering pretty much the same subject.
I have a FP2 for almost exactly 2 years, done all the updates of FP OS, rooted each times. I’m using the Google’services.
It working quite well, I have some issues, covered by the forum.

My question is: is it worth it the migrate to LineageOS?

On a day to day basis: what are the avantages if any?
I know it’s based on Android 7.0 but… I don’t really care.
What are the useful functions that are added with LineageOS?
Is it enough stable to be used 24/7?



Hallo Peter974,

LineageOS is based on Android 7.1.2 at the moment.
The update process went pretty well, you even do not need to re root it after every update.
I use it on my FP2, SGS2, Samsung Tab 3 and Note 8.0 and I do not miss anything or have trouble with it.
Yes, the FP2 is affected by the reboot issue, but that happened just one time in a few days. Mostly at night in my case. But after the reboot the alarm clock never failed.

Yes! I was faster than @paulakreuzer =)


There is a poll and discussion about Open OS vs Lineage OS:

If you’re specifically asking about FP OS (not Open), then this is a new discussion.

It might soon be based on Android 8. :slight_smile:

Apart from the standard Android changes Lineage OS has some neat features that you might know from Gravity Box and other XPosed modules if you ever used that (e.g. Privacy Control & ability to modify buttons behavior and toggles).



What keeps me from going all in on LineageOS:
What is the proper way to handle baseband updates? I saw the “modem.zip” thread, but how do I get aware of, when there IS something to be updated manually? Is just adjusting the script linked in the other thread sufficient to get the latest version? Or is there any “official” (from the LOS guys, not Fairphone itself) way to get these files when necessary?

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The proper way would be to use supported OSes which deliver those updates automatically.

How would there be?
Fairphone get those updates from the chip vendors because of the business relationship they have established to build something using hardware from these vendors.

So LineageOS people are in no position to get those files officially.

The modem.zip way this community established works, and super conveniently.
Ok, you have to look for yourself if there’s something new … but there can be only something new right after Fairphone updated their supported OSes, which is not every day :slight_smile: .

Alternatively, you can just install modem-latest.zip everytime you update LineageOS.
That doesn’t hurt, and you don’t have to care whether there is something new :wink: .

Will I ever learn to phrase my questions in a precise way?

Of course I meant the proper way if I used Lineage OS (this happens to be the topic of this thread, if I’m not mistaken). Seriously, this question is not as stupid as you want to make it seem.
(“Should I take a jacket or an umbrella?” - “Just stay home as long as it rains!”)

You pretty much answered this question yourself:
By creating a repository, just like the one you linked to for modem-latest.zip, where some “LOS official” uploads modem.zip files. I know FP cannot release the proprietary binary blobs and hence (see my question) I asked for modem.zip files, not binary blobs. I did not even mention them.

But reading between your lines, I managed to find the answer I was looking for:
No, there is no Lineage OS blessed official site for modem.zip files or any equivalent. Just some nice guy, who created a bash script to extract everything necessary for the modem.zip file and who happens to upload his extracted files to his server.
(And for some reason hasn’t done so since November of last year. Is this the latest version available? We shall never know…)

So, the best bet for me is to run this script for every new FPOOS release and flash whatever comes out onto my phone. Right?

Off topic:
I know, questions always leave room for interpretation and apparently, mine could have been more precise, but for some reason you counter questions seemed rather offending than helpful to me.

Sorry I misunderstood what you meant, and in hindsight my post really doesn’t sound very nice. That was not intentional, apologies.

I didn’t want to make it seem some way or the other, I thought you were about incorporating the baseband updates (which are binary blobs) into the LineageOS updates, like they are incorporated into the Fairphone OS and Open OS updates.
You were not. My mistake.

… That was about 17.12.1 back then, and we got the build script afterwards.



@AnotherElk: Apologies accepted. :wink:

And thank you for your link regarding “Updating LineageOS via TWRP + feature test”, I hadn’t found this one, especially the explaining post. That really helps! :slight_smile:

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modem.sh allows you to extract the relevant firmware parts yourself. If you git clone that rep, you can automate git pull in cronjob (or Windows Scheduler), and if there’s an update let it e-mail you. Or instead you can execute it say daily, and then let it say e-mail you when a new version is out. You could also use the forum software subscribe on the thread for the firmware, though I’m not sure exactly which thread that is.

Ideal? Nope, but there are solutions available! :slight_smile:

The script runs on Linux, and with minor modification macOS, and also works on WSL (I tested with Ubuntu).

To me, Android 7 feels more fluid and also better battery saving. But if you do not care about Android 7, there is no real reason to switch at the moment.

Other improvements of Android 7 i missed a lot before switching to Lineage OS are quick replies in Notifications, Quick Switch between then latest two used apps and split screen.

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I’ve installed LineageOS on my FP2 and… whaouu, I have to say it’s running very well.
And yes, Android 7 is coming with some nice new tools/toys.

Thanks a lot to everyone involved.


It’s Android 7.1, keep that in mind if you want to install opengapps oder xposed :slight_smile:


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