How to get data connection?

I am paying for data connection with the second sim card on my phone, but I can’t manage to connect to 3G. I’ve tried the advice on the previous post (Settings-Sim Management-General Setting- Roaming-Data Roaming-Allow data roaming) but it still doesn’t work. Does anybody have an idea how I could make it work?

Maybe this helps.

Settings -> More… -> Mobile networks -> 3G service -> Enable 3G

check if it is switched off.

Thanks, but it’s already on…

Just guessing, but could it have to do with

  1. APN settings (see this thread: ), or
  2. the fact that the FP (as, apparently, all Android phones) can’t have 3G activated on both SIMs at the same time (see Enable 3g on both sims? )?
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settings > SIM management > default SIM > have the data connection on your second SIM > this must trigger a question (that I don’t remember, specially with my french system) to confirm you really want the switch (something like ‘also the MMS will be associated with that SIM’, among others).

Once you have crossed the confirmation dialog you may not be done; there remains also APN settings dedicated to 3G that are not preset by default in the phone: in my case I started with the GSM settings by default -if this is the case you must update these APN settings to reflect the exact 3G ones that your network requires.

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