Enable 3g on both sims?

I would like to enable 3g on both my sim-cards, since I have Danish 3 on one and Swedish 3 on the other, and neither of these have a working 2g network. Is this impossible?

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You can only enable the data connection through one Sim at a time unfortunately

It is not so much the data connection i am interested in, just want to be able to make phone calls on 3g net with both sims. But yeah, it seems impossible. Any idea of why it can’t be activated on both? Technical limitations?


The specs for FP says that the 2nd SIM is 2G only. In that case, a SIM card from 3 won’t work, since 3 doesn’t have a 2G (GSM) network (while most providers have both 2G and 3G).

However, in this thread: Widget to switch on / switch off SIMcard 2?
the posters apparently use the 2nd SIM slot for 3G traffic (including data). So maybe the specs are misleading?

Have you tried and failed, or do you ask in advance, before deciding to buy a FP?

However, in this thread: Widget to switch on / switch off SIMcard 2?
the posters apparently use the 2nd SIM slot for 3G traffic (including data). So maybe the specs are misleading?

Indeed, that’s me, and I definitely confirm my FP (second gen.) gets 3G with my office “data-only” SIM in slot 2 (in slot 1 I have a “GSM-only” Simcard). Now maybe the case is different for the previous FP generation?
Also in my system settings everything 3G is compatible with SIM2 slot, among others there is a specific choice for “data associated to SIM2”, etc.
When in 3G the SIM2 level-meter can show the same E, G, H… minute indicators according to network availability.

Don’t think 1st and 2nd generations differ hardwarewise (if so, the shift from 2G only to 3G for 2nd SIM is such a big change that it ought to have been announced).
So maybe it’s just a matter of activating 3G:
System Settings > Wireless & Networks - More… > Mobile Networks > 3G service > Enable 3G > Tap on your provider’s name so that you get a blue dot to the right.

I don’t know if I followed your discussion right, some remarks from my side:

  • FP can only use ONE of both SIM with an active 3G connection (date and/or call), which is hardware limited
  • BUT: you can choose WHICH one you want to use in 3G, doesn’t matter at which slot it is put in
  • switching from 2G–>3G you can do with software (e.g. GravityBox does it for me with one of my 2 SIMs automatically, FP1), maybe Tasker is also capable of this?
  • But since it takes some time (1-10 seconds) to switch a SIM from 2G/3G or back + your SIM will disconnect for a second, It seems not possible to USE this very COMFORTABLE for you…sorry.

Question: are you sure, that your mobile provider offers a better 3G coverage and no 2G at the same place?
Seems not very common for me, because the 2G of course is the older technique…I thought first 2G was build at nearly all places, then added 3G only in regions where it make “sense” for the providers --> so the 2G coverage should be better than the 3G, because the 2G antenna-technique was not removed, just upgraded additionally with 3G…
Am I wrong?
And be aware: IF you would have 2G AND 3G available - the call quality doesn’t differ significantly!! Plus: power consumption of 3G is way higher also in Standby…

Sorry that I cannot help you very much, I just wanted to bring maybe some more details to your picture…
Feel free to write back! Cheers, Robert

You are… OP’s provider, 3 (or Hi3G) went into business when the 3G network was launched in Sweden (1999). Their network has never provided 2G net coverage. Odd, but that’s how it is.

What probably has created the confusion is the FP’s technical specifications (http://shop.fairphone.com/specs-page.html), saying
“SIM Card: Dual SIM, Dual Stand-by. One SIM: 3G; one SIM: 2G. Standard format miniSIM card (not included).”
But your and Herve5’s posting has convinced me that 3G works on both SIM cards, so probably it’s a question about settings. I only use SIM1 myself, so I’m not sure if this could be set from default, or if one needs some app, e.g. GravityBox, for this.

OK never heard about 3 (Hi3G), but seems to be the model NOT to support 2G at all :-/

At my FP1 I can choose which SIM uses 3G via
system settings → mobile connections → 3G → none/SIM1/SIM2
After choosing, it takes 10 seconds and then it works no matter which SIM I choose.

But to have both at 3G (active or stand-by) is not possible by hardware!

This says it really clearly and correct:

Which does NOT mean “First SIM: 3G / Second SIM: 2G” !!

I’m a bit slow on the uptake now and then, but now I’ve got it - thanks for the clarity! For the OP it should then be a question of assigning 3G to the other SIM card, as per your guidelines, when on the Bridge (well-known from television in all Scandinavia and the UK) between Malmö and Copenhagen or vice versa.

Thanks for all replys. I have tried and failed, bought my Fairphone a week ago. I know that it is possible to change which sim that uses 3g, but my problem is that I want two sim cards active on 3g at the same time (i.e. I want people to be able to call me on both my Danish and my Swedish number). So I guess, if this is a limit in the hardware, the problem can’t be solved by future updates… :frowning:

Perhaps a good idea to make this limitation clearer on the webpage, so others won’t be disappointed… ?

If, as therob says, it’s hardware-related you\re right - it cannot be solved by upgrading the software.
And I’m afraid that more users may suffer from this, there’s another thread started by a Danish FP owner with exactly the same problem. Apparently 3 offers very attractive plans combining a Danish and a Swedish SIM, and a lot of people commute across the border.

With tasker app and mtk control plugin you can create a task that switch with one click 3g from one to the other sim card.
I use this to enable my data-simcard with 3g, when I need data.otherwise 3g is enabled on the phone simcard to have a better connection.

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Thanks for the tip! Still, my problem is that I would like to have 3g on both sims - at the same time. After some google investigation it seems that there are no dualsim phones on the market who can offer this, so I guess it’s not a FP problem, but some kind of technical limitation for all kinds of phones…

Hej Anna! (You are the sister of my friend Maria, aren’t you?)

I guess I am in the same situation as you. I use Fullrate in Denmark and 3 in Sweden and it works fine (after some problems with 3 in the beginning). When I read about you problem I get confused: I sometimes use the Fullrate-SIM for data connection when I am in Denmark, but I can still call with my 3-SIM. I tried it yesterday, but maybe I should try it again to make sure that I really did it. You cannot do this? If I understand you right, you are not able to call with your Swedish 3-SIM when you use your Danish 3-SIM for data connection? Well, I have had some problems with my Swedish SIM a couple of time and I will try to look into this again to see if it makes more sense now, although I am a bit confused.

I think you’ re right… But it’s really annoying when you have network operators only running 3g :-(.

Hej Johanna, yes I am Maria’s sister :slight_smile:

Data connection is not a problem, since you can activate data connection on either your 2g-sim or your 3g sim. The 2g data connection will of course be a slower connection, but it works. Fullrate uses the TDC net which works fine on 2g, so guess when you’re in DK you still have 3g activated on your Swedish sim, but change data connection to the Danish sim? My problem is I want to be on 3’s net with both sim cards at the same time, which is impossible, the one without 3g active can only find Telia and TDC’s net. (I have solved this by changing mobile company in Sweden, so now I use Telia’s net instead for my Swedish sim).