How to get back my 'shortcuts page' (and access to all apps)?

On the ‘shortcuts page’, I thought I removed only 1 app. However, it appears I removed the entire page with left the column with 5 most recently used apps and right 4 or 5 apps I use a lot. And with the “…” icon to get to all apps.

So now not only do I have the shortcuts, but also can I no longer find all apps.

There must surely be a way to get this back, I hope?

Any help very much appreciated!


Have a look here

Thanks Lidwien!
Now I have added a third page again which is empty, except for an icon with two rows of “…”. Tapping that, I can access all apps again. Thanks for that!
But how can I now get the original page which had the two columns like I described: left the most recently used apps and right some 4 that were ‘fixed’?
It’s probably easy if you know how - for me, however… :-/

I think you are looking for the “my apps” widget. You can find it in the same way you found the “all apps” icon. Long press on the home screen, and than choose to add a widget. Now just scroll/slide through the pages with widgets till you find it.


Yep, there it is!
Thanks, Jori!

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