How to favorite a contact

In “personen” (people) there is a tab “favorites”. It’s empty. How do I favorite someone? I can’t find it. It’s nowhere in the “edit” (bewerken) section.

Go in "People"app to the person you want to label favorite. On top of the screen you will see the name and far on the right a ‘star’. Tab on the star and this person is labelled favorite.

no, there is no star.

Which list of contacts you have displayed? I have the list of the phone.
To make somebody favorite is only possible in the ‘phone’ list.

To check which list you use, tab on the lower left corner of your phone.
Tab on 'Contacts to display’
and tab on ‘Phone’

I understand where the star should be, but it isn’t. Nothing happens when i tab there.

When I display the “phone” list I only see myself as a contact.

Okay, so I should copy my contact list from sim to phone, I understand.

Perhaps you can copy all your contacts from your sim to the phone, see for instructions
contact numbers from sim to phone

It worked and now I can favorite contacts. Thanks!

I don’t really understand why this was necessary though. Why can’t you just favorite sim-contacts?

Hi @bebatjof,

it’s because they are stored on the SIM and the SIM doesn’t store any additional information which is generated by the OS. This preserves interoperability with other phones like feature phones or phones with other OSs like iOS.