How to edit Internet sharing/WiFi hotspot settings?

Hi Fairphone community!
I’ve been trying to use the internet sharing function of my FP but I’m having problems with the password. I can turn the internet sharing on, but then the hotspot is password protected and I can’t seem to find where I find and change the password. With my previous phone I needed to define the password myself, when setting up the hotspot. Under “Hotspot and tethering settings” I can only change from IPv4 to IPv4 and IPv6.

Maybe I’ve just missed something, so please let me know if anyone has an answer!

Just tap on the “Wi-Fi Hotspot” part (not the switch). :wink:

A screenshot:

[Edit by @Chris_R: After clicking the WiFi Hotspot text, then choose “Set up Wi-Fi hotspot” and you will be able to change the SSID, security, password and maximum number of connections allowed]

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Ok, that was just as simple as I expected, thank you!

(not embarassed at all)

Glad you have sorted, and no need to be embarrassed :smile:

I’ve updated the title of the topic and closed it off to new comments so that others should find the answer if they need it.