How to disable the flashlight when taking pictures?

I have the Fairphone 3 since a few days. All works great, but when taking pictures the flashlight always flashes. The flash icon is struck out. But nevertheless it is not possible to take a picture without flashing.

Anyone else has recognized that problem? Any suggestions how to disable the flashlight?

Just had a quick look. I don’t seem to be able to change flashlight settings in ‘portrait’ mode, but I can simply switch off the flash when using the regular ‘photo’ mode and of course in the ‘pro’ mode. Have you tried switching camera modes? If all else fails, you could always try a different camera app, but you should be able to switch off flash in the default app.

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To be more specific I took a screenshot.
I can see the option. Flashlight should be disabled, but when the phone thinks it’s too dark, it flashes.

Also tried different modes. Using portrait mode doesn’t show the option. But it seems it won’t flash in that mode. That indeed helps with my problem. Thank you @Linn
Nevertheless it looks strange to me, that it flashes, when flash is disabled…

Is the latest firmware installed?
If so, it could not do any harm if you clear cache and storage of the camera app.


I found the solution:
It’s about the red-eye reduction / Rote-Augen-Reduktion. Disabling that option and enabling/disabling/automatic for the flashlight works.


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