How to create pre-written message / SMS template?

Hello !
I wonder how to create pre-written message, to be able to send quickly a message that I have to send often. (e.g. “Dear client, your order is available”).
I can copy and paste the last sent message of this type, but this is quite fastidious and I wonder if there is an easiest solution?
I tried “OneClickSMS” app but it allow only to send the same message to the same contact
Do any of you know a good app to do that ?

One option could also be to create an auto-fill rule, for example typing “ORDR” automatically convert into “Dear client, your order is available” :slight_smile: Is it possible?

Thanks for your hints,

I found an app, “SMS Template” that do the task :slight_smile:

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In the normal sms app you just tap on the three dots in the right corner at the bottom on the screen.
Go to settings, and you can make message templates.
There’s no need for a separate app.

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Actually I searched for that but didn’t find it…
I’m on Android 7.1 Nougat (LineageOS) so perhaps the option was moved/removed ?

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