How to create/add a google account to stock android 4.2.2 if missing?


I do not have an option to add a google account in settings/accounts and also, I dont have a possibility to install google apps, because I deleted the google apps installer widget.

I have already reset the phone to factory status, but it did not help. And i downloaded a and tried to install it using the recovery, but it only told me, that it did not work - something was wrong or missing - I can’t remember the exact message (some ‘scatter’ missing or so).

Is it so hard to get a working google account and play store again on the phone? I don’t know what I can else try… …help.

There is no way to add a Google Account without the Google Play Apps installed.

On Stock Android 4.2.2, not Fairphone OS, there is no Google Apps Installer Widget, so the only way to install the Google Apps is using the recovery and a Gapps zip. Look for Google Apps on CyanogenMod as the install procedure should be the same.

My advice though is to switch back to Fairphone OS. It is better supported, eases Google Apps installation and makes yure your phone is up-to-date by providing the Fairphone Updater. See for instructions on how to install FP OS again.

If you do not like the Fairphone Launcher, i advise to install Launcher3 from F-Droid to get the original Android Launcher.

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There another thread about this, read here.

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Just to be sure: it’s totally gone from the phone? If you enter the App screen, choose the Wiget tab and search for it by swiping from right to left, you do not find it? (Out of interest, how did you do that?)

I think you tried installing the from the recovery mode. It’s not meant for this. I think you would need to sideload it.

As far as i understand, @haheute installed “Stock/Vanilla Android 4.2.2” on his/her phone. Is that correct?

I chose “Android” in that menu where you can choose between "Chestnut " and the other version, and “Android”. Did not know what I am doing and after that I had android without the fairphone - “extensions”.

Now I am switching back to Fairphone OS and try to see if the google apps installer widget is there somewhere.

OK, then you “accidently” switched to Stock Android. The Fairphone Updater is very misleading in that point – Fairphone already promised to fix that in a future release. You are not the first one to get confused by that.

Hope all goes well with reinstalling FP OS, which is a bit complicated but doable. Come back here if you are stuck. Good Luck!

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After switching back to Fairphone OS, the apps installer widget was the first thing I saw. :slight_smile: Now I have a google account and play store again. Thank you very much… I was almost going crazy before, but it wasn’t so hard now.