How to be able to install and use any app on FP Open OS [meta discussion]

@oli.sax: Thanks for the report.
During patching it should say “Detected: Alien Dalvik (Sailfish OS)” or something else.

What does it say for you?

The Sailfish OS port for the FP2 is a community work, thus it can’t run Android apps. Alien Dalvik needs a license the community doesn’t have. So we are not able to check Tingle’s support, :confused:


Hey cool! Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Well FP 2 is running 5.1 and so far I don’t think anyone tried any of this on FP1.

I wrote the original guide with Magisk, systemless XPosed and pph’s Superuser. @oli.sax updated to the new version. Tbh I don’t understand most of what he wrote there. Flashing zips with TWRP I can do, but as soon as I’d have to enter stuff in the terminal I’m out.

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Indeed, I forget to comment the line about Fake GAPPS module. Thank you for pointing it out @ale5000, this is done now!


Thanks to all for the help with testing.

@oli.sax: Yes, I was talking about Alien Dalvik as an Android emulator present in official Sailfish OS, I want to support all versions of Android on every phone.

About FP2 with Android 5.1 what does it say between “Patching…” and “Patching succeeded”, the line starting with “Detected:”.

I’ve made a flashable ZIP to avoid the use of proprietary Root Explorer:

(GPL-v3, source)


  • Download ZIP to your FP2
  • (Recommended) Backup your system partition
  • Flash from the shipped TWRP, :slight_smile:
  • Reboot & rejoice
  • (Optional) Check with a tool like Root Verifier

Anyone can test this without busybox installed on the system? I’m not sure if the flashing script runs busybox from TWRP or from the system itself, I guess the former.


Just wanted to say thank you for compiling this guide! I would have spent a lot less time installing this stuff if it had been there a few days earlier - but it is helpful now, too. Thanks a lot! :sunflower:

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Here is the output you’re asking:
*** Patching…
*** Detected: Android 5.x / CyanogenMod 12
*** Patching succeeded.

And just to be clear, the official Sailfish OS is not yet available for FP2, so you’ll not be able to test Tingle + Alien Dalvik compatibility on FP2 at this moment !

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Thanks, so the community version adhere to the standard Android, nice :slight_smile:

I did run through the updated guide from a fresh install after a complete wipe of all my data. It’s not working with Pokemon Go. Also Safety Net Helper still states it can not connect. All options are checked and everything looks good in microG settings self check.

I am about to go back to FP2 with Google … :frowning:

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thanks for the update, you just saved me a lot of time! Going back is not a solution for me right now, but I’m still optimistic there’ll be a solution eventually!
And a huge thanks to all the active people (@oli.sax, @paulakreuzer, @Roboe in this thread working on it! :slight_smile:


Hi uwedd !
This is strange SafetyNet Helper says it cannot connect, for me this was only when I forget to reactivate 4G connection…
Did you install the ‘microG DroidGuard Helper’ ? Which version of microG do you have ?
I installed microG Service Core 0.2.4-20 , microG Services Framework v 0.1.0 and microG DroidGuard Helper 0.1.0.

The latest version of microG can be found here.

Currently the latest version of microG Service Core is 0.2.4-22.
Currently the latest version of microG DroidGuard Helper is 0.1.0-3.

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So do i’m getting it right? In moment it is only possible to bypass SafeNet with an unrooted device?

Yes seems so unfortunately.

It’s hard to follow this “cat and mouse” game between developpers and SafetyNet :slight_smile: .
From what I understood reading pages of xda forum, the new version of SuHide is able to hide the root, but one of its prerequisite is Android 6.0, and for FP2 we are at Android 5.1…

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Yes - but what does it mean, when even the developers which provide a solution at the moment, questioning this game? Hiding root: a losing game - rant du jour

I just wonder how the future of an ungoogled Android can look like.

But right - for now all what we can do is to see if dirty hacks like SuHide or HideSU can offer us a solution till the next big move of the empire. :unamused:

You know, for most people who want a free(ish) OS it’s not exactly essential that apps like Pokemon Go still work.


And how about their banking apps?

Google is setting a precedent with this move to keep locking its system more deeply by making the Android apps ecosystem depend more on their Google Mobile Services. That is dangerous for the user freedom: you’ll need to lend (more) the control of your device to Google for it to be useful for your live. Despicable Google.

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