🇬🇧 🇮🇹 How to address Italian forum members?

@anon9989719 : How can I write to Italian forum?
I was not able to do that!
Can you drive me to Italian forum?


The first link in the post above? It works for me.

I think as you started the topic you can flag/tag the first post it with ‘Italy’


ok, but I’m not able to tag it as Italia. Can you show me where and how can I do that’



I’ve asked a moderator to help as I cannot edit your posts.

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Have a look at eelo Italian for the easy installeren.

Date un’occhiata a eelo italiano per il facile installare.


I tagged the topic with the Italian flag (and deleted a few posts about it as it was rather cluttering the topic).


really thank you, but I’m still not able to do that…:frowning:


What are you unable to do?

to TAG as Italian the conversation…

anyway: is there some Italian people that has installed /e in FP3? And can share his experience with me?

thank you


The topic is now tagged with the Italian flag but yes I can’t find it if I search for Italy??

OK if I search for ‘italy’ then order by the latest I find this post.

I have also just tagged a post of mine with ‘italy’ will now change that to Italy :slight_smile:

All the tag words begin with lower case so it has to be italy not Italy ???

YEEESSS!!! that is the prob! It must be lower case! (but if I select italy, I still not see the flag)

Thank you amoun!

If you scroll down the list you will find the flag :slight_smile: I think

no, I find a “italy +1” but no images…
this is not a prob, hope that some help center people…read it


But the topic title does have the Italian flag and you can add ‘italy’ if you want.

The flags in the tags are characters (or “Emoji flags”), not words. So you can find the flags when you scroll down the tag list.

The flags in the topic titles have a distinct notation, as far as I’ve seen and done they are added either with 2-letter codes or with the name of the country in double colons, e.g.:it: is displayed as :it:, and :netherlands: is displayed as :netherlands: . (Needs some trying out, as :italy: and :nl: apparently don’t get converted by the forum software.)


There’s no “italian forum” here. You might try to create a topic in the local category Local - Fairphone Community Forum
if you mainly want to address a local community to discuss your topics.

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