How to adapt settings for use in the US?

Hi fellow FairPhone users… I’m currently using my FP2 in the United States. Is there some way to adjust the settings so that it works better with US mobile carriers - it seems REALLLLLY slow and unable to connect to even 3G networks… any thoughts?


the FP is designed, hardwarewise, for the European market which can be a nuisance when using it in other parts of the world. FP can handle 3G networks using 900 or 2100 MHz - in the US, however, most 3G net use the 850 or 1900 MHz frequency band.
There are a few operators that use the 2100 MHz band - T-mobile for instance - and if you can connect to one of them, 3G ought to work. Don’t expect coverage outside the big cities, though.
Otherwise you’re stuck with slow GSM/Edge data traffic. Unless, of course, there are WLANs available.

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A similar thread was posted not so long ago. Might be worth a read.

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Sorry, off topic: where did you get THAT? :smiley:
(Your FP2 is a FP1U, i.e. still “the first” model with a chip upgrade. FP2… let’s wait for that.)