How much would you pay for an official Sailfish OS? (was: Would you accept ethical stores as part of the user interface of Sailfish OS on FP2?)

Do you have some news about working/not working parts or problems the development team is maybe suffering?
Just a smal note where the team is standing and what directions are taken…



But why change the price at all?

The discussion here about additional money for getting Jolla with a licence for the non-free parts does not make much sense to me, when Android does have a licence fee too which would be replaced or maybe even reduced by the Jolla one. I might be wrong on this, please correct me in this case.

The correct questions would be to ask both Jolla and Fairphone:

  1. What is the Android OS Licence fee?
  2. What is the Final price of a Fairphone2 without an OS?
  3. What is the Sailfish OS licence price for the non-free parts? Can it be modular, e.g. Android support is separate from MS Exchange support because maybe one or another is not needed)

P.s. I do not own a Fairphone yet but really want one if it comes with a Sailfish OS! :slight_smile: I would even buy one tomorrow :smiley:



I would also buy the Fairphone but only with Sailfish OS including Android Support.

Like for all the Products out there, there will be a time when you simply can not sell the Fairphone for the price you are selling it right now. So the sales will get lower and lower, when there is no new improvements to show. Sailfish OS for the Fairphone would be great news for everyone! It would gain a lot of publicity and and new customers, that is what this great Phone needs! It would be the first Pfone on the market with 3 alternative OSs (later more?)! But the timewindow to get it done is already closing (maybe about 3 months left)! As long as there are no alternatives on the european market for SailfishOS powered devices, Fairphone would sell a lot more phones until the other guys from TRI or PuzzlePhone start sales in europe. So if there is the Idea to get official support for Sailfish OS, act quick or cancel this thing. As long as there are no other Products with sailfish OS on the european market (and I am not talking about the 1000 Jolla C in europe and the old Jolla1) you wont have any competitors on this field. The Sailfish OS Comunity is big and it is growing! And they are all desperate for a new and sustainable device! keep that in mind!


I would already bought Fairphone, if there would be Sailfish OS with Android Support available for it. So, I sure hope it will be available some time soon :slight_smile:


well… it’s been 6 months for this topic now, and yet no definitive statements =( maybe we should just forget about it


it works quite good, but without Android support and such it really lacks some functions :frowning:
and it’s not fair to only load all the work onto mal- and the other people who do the whole work. (but maybe i’ve just not got enough insight) anyway, if it doesn’t get official soon, the chance to gain a lot of european customers who are looking for a sailfish-phone (and import intex aqua fish or use other unofficial ports) will have passed.


yeah, i’ve been using FP2 with SFOS for 4 months now and it works really great (soooo smooth)! But the lack of android support is really bad, and i’m starting to getting tired. I will have to switch back to Jolla1 or buy Intex =(


Yes, we need really urgently Android-Support!!!


It looks like this whole thing is dead! See the answer to this twitter… :frowning:

Not being able to provide an update isn’t exactly the same thing as saying it’s dead - although I can see how lack of updates sometime indicates a slow death by inaction.
I hope to see official support one day, but yes, with no time frame out there there’s the risk that it just never really happens.


I am also on SailfishOS on the FP2 since 3 month. Most things works, some problem here and there, ok, i’m advanced linux freak, i can help myself, but many customers would prefer official support with Alien Dalvik.
Because its a killer-feature of Sailfish OS.
Fairphone wait until the base become stable anough and all HW is well supported. But again:
Mal- need our support. Support from the community and in first line support from Fairphone.
Fairphone need to make this decision. And FP need to decide NOW! Not in a Year, not in Two. NOW!
Otherwise the time will gone, and some other company will make a good modular Smartphone with full Sailfish support.

FP have a really good community, for many is the factor of ethical fairness very important. For me its nice to have. I support Fairphone for his openness and modularity. I’m a technical freak, for me is an unlocked Bootloader and possibility to repair the phone myself and to install different OSes much more important than enthycal values, and if FP want to get THESE customers, it should react NOW!

Comeone Fairphone, release the DAMN OFFICIAL SAILFISH OS !


I’m pretty sure that it would help Fairphone too, regarding the sales. Just have a look what people in Europe are doing to get their hands on an Intex AquaFish. A phone without support when it breaks, not supporting all LTE frequencies, only available through dubious channels, especially in Germany (a big market for Fairphone, right?). Most of the work seems to be done, if I look at my FP2 running
They just have to take the f*****g decision and partner with Jolla. (Maybe they could hire mal- who seems to be most experienced…)


I have on my FP2 :wink: Only the nasty battery-drain-bug which came with Fairphone Open 16.08 Modem-FW is a show-stopper atm.

I also think the SailfishOS on the FP2 is running so good as on Jolla C or Intex Aqua Fish…
Its absolutely mature for release, it need only a little bit love from the Fairphone Devs…


I also use the on my FP2 and it works good enought for my bussines requirements ;-).

There are some minor bugs but i think that mal- (the main developer of this port) have done a very good job and he needs more support from fairphone to get a product release version.

On the other side jolla must clearify the licence thing with fairphone to get a long term support for the SailfishOS. But at the moment it seems that there is silence between the two companies.

May be they need more requests from the community ;-)?

We could use the collaboration meeting ( to push things on jolla side.
On fairphone side i only know the support email address, but i don’t know if the help pushing the requirements …

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Here is a statement from Fairphone community manager @Douwe:

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May be money is a part of the problem, but i think this is the smaller part.
If the API between the android HAL and SailfishOS is defined the developer part are ontime costs.
This costs could be payed e.g. via croud funding. The implementation could be done within two month full time i think.

At the last collaboration meeting mal- wrote, that a few problems could not be solved because of missing information about the API.
He wrote the mittleware to the fm radio support (and get a warm handshake from jolla for that).
As i know jolla use this on the jolla c?

So i think more help and information to the community developers, in this case to mal- would solve some problems.

I think the main question between fairphone and jolla is who is the leading support company (and the dispatcher in case of a hardware or software problem).
And second the licence stuff.

I see here many requirements about the android support. As i know at freenode IRC sailfish-porters there are many information about a free/alternate android emulation - also working on the SailfishOS community port for FP2.
I don’t know the development status about that but at the IRC you can ask about sfdroid for SailfishOS on FP2 …


I didn’t read the whole thread and never tried Sailfish so far, but think I’d be willing to pay 10-20€ for a version with Android support.


As i see the situation now - Fairphone will not launch official SailfishOS Version. They simply have no people to support it. The only possibility, that i see is:
Community Version (Thanks again, mal-!) + Official Alien Dalvik from Jolla in the Jolla Store as a paid app.
After one year there are still no official Sailfish Version and no official support. I doubt Fairphone will release it in the future.

Fairphone has other problems atm. They sold more Smartphones, as they could produce. They were not ready for such Success.

So don’t count on official Sailfish version. Count on community version.
Its hard but probably true…


I wonder what would be needed to make that happen…


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