How many esims Fairphone 4

Hello everyone,
well, as the topic already says,
do you know how many esims you are able to add with the Fairphone 4?
I didn’t find anything in the specs of the Fairphone, but I remember the Iphone is capable of adding 20 different esims while other brands are only capable of adding one esim.

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As far as I understood, you can only add one eSIM at a time. I haven’t seen any menu or setting letting me add another though.

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Thanks for the tremendous fast answer.

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Settings → Network and Internet → Mobile network → :heavy_plus_sign: Add more → Download a SIM instead? will bring up the QR scanner to add a eSIM, even if there is already a eSIM on device.
I don’t have a second eSIM to test if it replaces the current one.

Edit: OK, according to the spec sheet it probably only supports one at a time:

One physical Nano-SIM slot (4FF), 5G enabled* One eSIM, 5G enabled*

But maybe that one slot can still hold multiple eSIM :thinking:
Someone will have to test this or ask FP support…

Edit 2: The knowledge base seems to indicate only one eSIM as well:

Your Fairphone 4 (FP4) supports one eSIM (embedded SIM) card.


Would have thought Fairphone would have made an issue of that if it was possible.

Could it be a case of storing multiple e-sim data and switching e-sims ??

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It would still be great if someone with multiple eSIM could test this :pray:
Just to be sure… :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is what I was thinking too.

That would be nice. Now we have to find somebody with a Fairphone 4 and multiple eSIMs :wink:

Well I can try in a few weeks. That’s why I’m asking for. :sweat_smile:
But for now the US provider (Mint Mobile) insist about the fact that the Fairphone 4
is not suitable with the US carriers and has no eSIM functionality.

Awesome, that looks promising! I haven’t realized the plus sign before.

1 Like offers free eSIMs: actually quite handy because they provide you not only with a mobile but also with a landline number. I was about to order one but my account there is still “sipgate basic” and hasn’t been migrated to that supporting eSIMs (“sipgate free”). I’ll try to speed this up and give it a try :wink:

Did anybody contact support in the meantime? I bothered them quite a lot recently and I’m reluctant to open yet another ticket :see_no_evil:


I made a sipgate account and could get the eSIM immediately after video verification.

  • Adding an additional eSIM works
  • Only one can be active at a time
  • The other one doesn’t get deleted automatically

Success :metal:


Are there any requirements besides the phone and the provider offering eSIM?

I’d like to use Flexiroam on my Fairphone 4, and there’s a list of “compatible devices” which doesn’t include the Fairphone. Will it work nonetheless?

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What are the requirements for Flexiroam to work ?

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According to their FAQs:

1. Purchase a data plan from
2. Download the Flexiroam X App and install eSIM
3. Start a plan and you are ready to roam

But then again:

Here is the list of eSIM compatible devices supported by Flexiroam. This list will be updated frequently as more eSIM compatible devices are released into the market worldwide.

The last sentence sounds like an eSIM compatible device is sufficient, but I don’t really know how eSIMs actually work. I probably need to contact Flexiroam to get a reliable answer.

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Sounds as though it should, you may also like to contact suppp0rt|at|fairphone|d0t|c0m

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I just contacted Flexiroam and they also say that it will work.


Good to know. See you here again then maybe with confirmation that it really does.

All the best.


Check out Airalo

Seems a little cheaper :wink: Haven’t tried it myself yet but it was recently recommended in the German tech magazine c’t (Reisebegleiter | c't | heise magazine).

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Thanks, but Flexiroam offers an 80% discount at the moment.

Yes, you can install multiple eSims on your 4. I’m on my last day in Panama where I’ve used an Airalo eSim. Tomorrow I fly to Costa Rica for which I bought another Airalo eSim.
I managed to install the second eSim for Costa Rica by simply clicking on the +,and following the Airalo installation instructions.

Then it is just a matter of activating the one you need.


So, how did this work for you? Can you switch back and forth?

I am upgrading from 3 to 4 and will miss the to sim-card slots.

On my next travel I will visit three different countries and can’t make my mind up as to whether converting my Danish sim to a esim or to keep it physical.