How long is the availability of spare parts?

I haven’t seen this information clearly written: How long is the availability of spare parts for the different Fairphones?
It would appear that it is equivalent to the duration of warranty hardware and software support, which is 2 years, but not sure.

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They will keep selling spare parts as long as possible, but they can’t promise anything because it depends a lot on their suppliers. Since this is a community forum, you’d need to contact support, if you want an official answer.

####2 Examples:

  • FP1 batteries are being produced again because Fairphone reached an agreement with the producer of the batteries for FP2.
  • FP1 screens and mother boards are not being produced anymore because the former producers are not willing to supply such small amounts as the remaining FP1 would need.

Read more in this blog post:


I think I remember something like this was communicated last year for FP2, but I don’t have a source at hand.