How does personalDNSfilter affect battery life?

Interesting, won’t personalDNSfilter be draining battery by being constantly running in background ?
Additionally did you prevent the app to be optimised by system ?

2% per charge cycle

yes, i did.

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Thanks will give it a try then !

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consider, however. At the beginning, when you are still working a lot in the personalDNSfilter, the battery consumption is of course much higher, because the app is actively used and changed.
But if it only runs in the background and performs its service, then you come to the 2%.

I use the preconfigured DNS resolvers. All free uncensored resolvers.

As blocklists I load the preconfigured ones from Energized:
Basic, Social, Regional
(In Basic the filters from adaway and StevenBlack are already included).
Additionally from Quids:

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Pretty neat, will copy your config and see how it goes :wink:

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And if you don’t like porn, you can also add the anti-porn filters von energized
Or porn Lite if you like it just half
I think Lite will block only hardcore but let softcore pass :rofl:

Hi there, I’ve moved your discussion to a separate topic as I don’t think it helps the original poster in FP 4 battery emptys fast


I’ll pass, I like my hardcore porn haha

what app are you using? i tried Blokada lite, but it doesn’t automatically disable when I’m on my home wifi, which has a pihole for dns filtering. so im currently using the beta Duckduckgo filter, but i know thats not the same as dns filtering.

i want something to protect me from tracking and ads when im away from my home wifi, but that comes on automatically so i dont forget.

I tried all of them:
Blokada, TrackerControl, netguard, DNS66, adaway, personalDNSfilter…

Every app has it advantages and disadvantages.

At the end personalDNSfilter fits all of my requirements for it’s best.
But it has the worthest GUI, but somehow that makes the app interesting again :wink:

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if you don’t want to use an app, you can use a DNS service that lets you block certain domains, that way you can just put the DNS address in the phone Settings under Network and connections > Advanced > Private DNS. NextDNS is the one I use, and it looks like RethinkDNS is pretty similar.

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an dedicated app, whre you can directly white- or blacklist apps, domains, or hosts, instead of being dependent on a fixed dns blocklist (quad9, cloudflare,…), or having to change the whitelist in a webgui first (nectdns) is nicer…

depends on your use case, I guess. the last time I had to whitelist a domain was a about a month or so ago, and that’s with a crapton of filter lists enabled, so I don’t really need an app for that and the web UI is good enough for my needs.

I’ll give personalDNSfilter a try. it’s available on the Google Play Store too, for those that don’t want to use F-Droid

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