FP 4 battery emptys fast

Got my FP4 yesterday.

Love it, but the battery emptys very fast.

Any helpful suggestions?


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I can only report from my setup:

I have disabled all gogol apps and use purely FOSS apps via f-droid.
Additionally I installed personalDNSfilter to catch all the trackers and ads already at the perimeter.

So I get about two and a half days battery duration with about 4.5 hours screen on time.

For me, that’s OK

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Can you give us some numbers? Like how much percentage is drained in what amount of time.
So we can better understand if that’s “normal” (at least when the phone is new and one is installing lots of apps etc.) and will get better after a few days, or if it’s a bigger problem.


I was also having that problem. I used an app that turned on the screen with the proximity sensor. The problem was that it never go to deep sleep.

This fits in with my experience. I uninstalled most of the Google apps and usually get 2–3 days of battery life even with Blokada and Syncthing running all the time. Strangely though, battery life goes down to one day after one week or so without reboot. A reboot gives me the 2–3 days back. Maybe there is some app going AWOL but nothing suspicious shows up in the battery statistics.

It’s not a secret that all these gogol Apps are sending permanently data (telemetry).
And this of cost of battery

Using bluetooth headphones + audible with almost no screen time I was at around 10% per hour, maybe a bit more.
It seemed to drain faster than my previous phone :\
Will try to get more data :slight_smile:

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I removed every google app except for maps that I blocked in background and play services, still seems that bluetooth content playback is a battery eater unfortunately.

Don’t know about FP4, but on FP2, Memory > Memory used by Apps sometimes helps to identify apps running in the background.

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I had the same problem. I was very disappointed, because my FP4 drained the battery fast, especially during screen off time. After one or two days, this stopped and now my FP4 runs quite long on one charge. I think the picture app uses a lot of battery at the beginning if you allow to backup your pictures and use the face recognition. Unfortunately, the battery usage information is useless in this case, because it doesn’t show that kind of processes.


Android has to learn the behavior of your apps and how you interact with them. After a few days it will become more efficient. I had the same thing.


came here (even tho a bit late) to echo what others were saying.
After about a week the battery life became A LOT better :slight_smile: supper happy with it now :slight_smile:


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