How do I search in a Text conversation?

Hi Everyone!

I have a 14000 Text conversation going with my best friend and I’d like to find something from a few months back. I have the keyword, I just don’t know how to search. May someone please tell me how? Thanks!


I don’t know about other apps, but in QKSMS there is a search function on the main screen (not inside the conversation).

In Signal, the search function only looks for contact names, not for conversation contents.

As the previous posters said, some apps have a search function.
Yet, if yours shouldn’t, you could try to export the data. You could then use a donor text editor like from Amaze, or open them on your computer for your convenience, if it’s worth transferring it. Then it might be possible to just use your favorite text editor.

How do I export the Data? There doesn’t seem to be a search with the stock text messenger.

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