How do I replace a module/the screen?

I had the same promblem at first. I massaged the phone for more than an hour, moving screen & body back and forth.
Once you opend it it will be easy the next times.

Holding the Fairphone flat between two hands (almost like when praying) and sliding them in opposite directions works. Indeed, fresh, new Fairphone 2’s are the hardest to take apart.

Just be cautious with the SIM slots; those metal pins are fragile…

The support team is making better videos on Monday to explain better how to remove the screen and modules. Hopefully they’ll be online soon.


Doing that right now. With some music this is a little like rhythmic gymnastics.


I wouldn’t do that. It just wears your contacts.

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Any better ideas will be warmly welcomed :wink:

It took me just a few minutes using this technique, just trust in the strength of your phone!


This worked for me very quickly, too. I used a guitar pick instead of a knife though which might be a little friendlier to the materials. :smiley:

It might actually be better for the phone to carefully loosen the screen with a pick before moving back and forth (as described by @Hamm325) . This way contacts aren’t stressed as much. What do you think?


I am sure you all already know the Teardown guide of, right?!


I´ve tried to dismounte the display but I can not manage to do it. In the tutorials, it seems to be easy but with my FP2, it´s not possible. The display is like glued!!


@Damwe I moved your post here as this topic contains some tips for you.

You can also check this thread:

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Thank you. Now it´s working with your help. Great!!

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I tried it many ways but i can’ get the display off my fairphone. Has anyone had the same problem?

Many people had the same problem when they tried to remove the screen the first time. In this topic, some useful advice is given: FP2: Teardown & Reassemble Competition!

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Hi guys. i got a new fairphone 2 because of some troubles with the first one. so my problem. ow is that i can’t open the phone. the display won’t letit slide off. i opened the first fp2 easily. but this one’s tough. is there a special trick? the small description of fairphone just says to push and then let it slide.this is not really working. can somebody help? it reeaaaally annoys me. i was trying for half an hour…nothing.

While I don’t need to replace the screen or any other components yet, I’m a bit surprised that I can’t actually slide the display off to get at the components.
I feel like a bit of a plank trying to force the phone apart after unlocking with the blue switches, but has anyone else had this issue with not being able to release the screen?
Am I just being an idiot?

I’ve moved you post here as there are some useful tips and links in this topic - hopefully they’ll get you on track!

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I cannot edit my original post any more so I’m going to put this down here. The videos I mentioned in the beginning are now available here:

How to replace the screen
How to replace a module

Of course, there’s always:


That’s really strange. Did you get an error message?
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Same problem,

I have tried countless times and am giving up. I am seriously afraid of breaking it!

[quote=“tphysm, post:43, topic:11487”]
I pushed and pulled, massaged and tried to loosen, but nothing got me any further. I then pushed a guitar pick (got the idea from here and here and to me it seemed more gentle than a knife) into the crack you mentioned and “rolled” it (worked better than sliding) along the sides of the phone (by rotating it parallel to the phone’s screen, i.e. in the plane of the phone) from top left to bottom left and from top right to bottom right edge. Needed a bit pressure and slow rotation to avoid the pick jumping out (several attempts).[/quote]

The trick with the plectrum did it for me also.

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