How do i get to the return portal?

Hi there folks.

I’ve been locked in an endless death spiral with fairphone support for about two months now trying to sort out my fairphone 2, which completely bricked itself after a recent os update. We’ve finally got the point where I’m trying to return the phone for replacement. I filed for a return, was told I would receive an email with further instructions. Never received an email with further instructions. Wrote back to support explaining this, was told that the email would tell me that i just needed to go back to the return portal. I explained that i don’t know how to get to the return portal, and that a link would be super helpful. Nothing since.

Anyone know what a return portal is or how to get to it?

Unfortunately, there’s two of them and one of them is the wrong one depending on the situation. The domain that they’re hosted on is - maybe the e-mails come from that domain as well; have you checked spam for anything from this domain?

Hi, Fairphone’s return portal I have been given by the support team is located here.

Be sure to complete the forms with as much info as possible, from my experience the answer is very fast.

Keep us updated !

Thanks. That was the link i needed. Still zero reply from fairphone

Pickup arranged, phone packaged. Thanks again folks. Hopefully this is the
end of my two month fairphone saga.

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