How do I connect to mobile data with a sim from phone coop ? [solved]

This is my first ‘smartphone’ and I am not mobile savvy so please help in simple language! I am using the FP2 and phone coop in UK. The wi-fi works fine but when I am out and about everything appears offline. I tried using google maps in an unfamiliar place yesterday, as well as several websites, but the phone said it was offline or servers could not be reached. I have mobile data switched on and there was good reception from phone coop. I have had the phone for three weeks and it is saying I have not yet used any mobile data.

You need to setup your mobile data connection, which is called ‘APN’ (Access Point Name), according to your operator.
This process should be automatic.
It seems it failed, so you can set it manually : go to settings, plus, mobile networks, cellular network settings. Select your sim card and set up access point parameters.


I’m not in UK at all, but by googling i found this :
They recognize FP1 and not yet FP2. FP1 settings should also work for FP2, but you might also call your client service and ask them for FP2 support.

Also, for manual setup, check this :

How do I set up my phone for internet access and picture messaging?

You shouldn’t need to take any action to set up your phone for internet access and picture messaging. The correct settings will be loaded as soon as you insert your SIM card, so you’ll be ready to go straight away.

If you do have any problems, we can send you a text that will set your handset up automatically, just tell us what phone you have, and your number on our set up page.

If you ever need to check your APN settings, or input them manually, then these are what you need:


Access Point (APN): everywhere
User name: eesecure
Password: secure
Proxy: not set


APN : eezone
MMS proxy :
MMS port : 8080
MMS url : http://mms


Thank you jaymanu, following your suggestion I went on to the phone coop website and they have a very simple, useful tutorial to setting up the mobile data and messaging, done in a couple of minutes!