How come synchronisation stopped?

Around the same time that the announcement was made about not supporting FP1 maintenance anymore, my android specific apps (calendar, contacts) stopped synchronising (i.e. I enter data at my laptop, and my phone can’t see them). Is this coincidental and is there anything I can do about this? Thank you for helping me!

That is not related in any way with the announcement. The synchronization happens through your Google account so I suggest that you delete it and add it to your phone again. (Settings > Accounts)

Bedankt voor het snelle helpen! Yes, it worked for the most part. I was afraid of taking that step as it said that it would erase the data, but I only lost two weeks of data, so it was not too bad. Have a good day!

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Yeah, you probably lost the data that hadn’t been synchronized. All the data that was in the cloud should be still there.

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