How can your Fairphone help you to achieve your new years resolutions?

Happy new year everyone!

A new year has come, and as far as I can tell it is going to be an exiting one for Fairphone and the movement for fairer electronics.

As always I have some ideas on how things could be better, for Fairphone, the community and the world. But the best place to start making things better, is with yourself and a new years resolution is always a good way to start. Also, science proves that you have more change in succeeding if you share your plans out loud with your friends. So here it goes.

My primary new years resolution this year is: spend less time behind the screen.
May sound funny for someone who is working at a place where they make phones, but I truly think that life can and will be better if I spend less time interacting with my FP2, Computer and Tablet.

Now, I am geeky enough to think that if I want to solve a personal/social problem, it is best to use a technical solution. :wink:

So, does any of you have tips for apps that will help me monitor the time I spend on my FP2 and helps me limit that time? Preferably available from fdroid.

Also, please use this topic to discuss your own new years resolutions and any software that will help you achieve it.

Maybe we can make this into a list of apps that (claim to) help you becoming a better person:


I’m using Loop Habit Tracker for a while now, which helps adopt some good habits and quit some bad ones.
I don’t know if using it to set up a reminder to simply put away your phone will help much, but you could set reminders to go out for a walk, do some yoga or meditation or prepare a healthy snack.

Now my resolutions for 2018 are:

  • (Almost) completely banish proprietary spyware from my life.
    • I recently switched from a MacBook to a Why!OpenComputing ubuntu Laptop, but I still have a lot of Data and Apps on my Mac that I haven’t yet successfully transferred and it will still be a lot of work.
    • I’m using a minimal amount of proprietary software on my Lineage FP2 and keep all these apps from phoning home as well as possible.
    • I’m currently trying to find free alternatives to some proprietary webservices, like imdb, whosampled and alternativeto.
    • And I’d love to find a way to get around capchas if I try to register for a site, as capchas are blocked if you block G%§$e via hosts file.
  • Become a better vegan
    • I’m a vegan for a few years now and almost since the beginning it’s not just about food, but there are still some fields where I haven’t yet found a truly vegan way (e.g. pest control).
  • Become politically active
    • As I mentioned before I recently joined the Vienna Greens and I’ll soon attend my 3rd meeting where I can make a request for full membership. I’ll then have to find my place in the party and ways to contribute.
    • 2018 and the following years will be a harsh time for minorities and lefties in Austria, with a Neo-Conservative-Nationalist-Coalition in government and only one (central-)left party in the parliament. So without activism, demos and grass-roots movements I think we can say goodbye to many of the great things Austria always stood for.
  • keep my transition on track
    • As you all know I am transgender, but I’m still very much at the beginning of my journey and I still have a long way to go (I actually thought it would go a little bit faster). I guess the most work I still have to put in is into voice training and then maybe some time this year I can start presenting myself as a woman in public.

I guess my Fairphone can help with some of that …


Thanks for sharing Paula! Enjoyed the read, interesting and inspiring. Good luck!


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