How can I use the SD Card

Hi, I’absolut beginner (first smartphone).
How can I use the SD card. I understand that Android 5.1 supported SD cards again.
In menu point storage I found: Provide SD card (SD-Karte bereitstellen). When I press this I can see a short flashing sign (SD card symbol together with setting symbol) in the left top corner but nothing happend. In the storage menu SD card is not visible.
I cannot understand the previous threads to this point. I will not root my phone. Im not an IT professional.

Do you want to read or write on your SD card? How big is the card?

Else maybe it’s best if you read here and decide yourself if you want to keep your phone or not …

I read this thread you refered to. I do not understand any word of this.:frowning:
128 GB SanDisk micro SDHC/SDXC. Both read and write.

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In short: It depends on the apps you use. Some apps will not be able to write to your card because of changed Android security settings that can only be changed if you root the phone. Newer apps can ask for permission.

But whatever happens you should be able to “see”/read the contents of your SD card even with the stock rom.

Maybe it’s best if you backup your card and try to reformat it (“Erase”).

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I think you are talking about FP1 with Android 4.4. I heard Android 5.1 normaly do not need a root for using SD cards.
Erase: AHHH that works. What a stupid way. I have to erase the card before I can see it in the storage menu and in Amaze.
And how can I store fotos now?

You have to use an alternative camera app like Open Camera, Camera MX, Z Camera etc., that’s able to ask for a writing permission on the SD card.
With Android 5 things got worse. It’s now against Googles security concept to have general writing permission on the SD :confounded:

Like @Irina_Spitznagel said or move them around with an app that can. I guess it more or less depends on the software you use.

No. That doesnt work. I installed z camera now. The app shows only a path to the internal storage. It is not possible to enter the path in at a higher position. (Pfad beginnt mit /Gerätespeicher).

I’ve never used this app. Maybe you have to enable another option to be able to do so. In Open Camera this option is called “use Android Storage Access Framework”

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Okay, that works. Thank you very much!:slightly_smiling:

Also a warm thankyou to “fp1_wo_sw_updates”!

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We should really create a wiki article for this and point out the reasons and the pros and cons. Most articles on this topic are not really good. It’s mostly all about rooting and not such much about the reasons (Is it Google fault or a good idea?, an apps issue?, what kind of exploit is google trying to prevent, what apps work out of the box, SD card formatting and file-systems …)


We could collect that here

I wouldn’t put a wiki into a closed thread.
May I rather redirect you to our dictionary entry about root, it already contains some pros and cons (or rather links) and it’s of course a wiki.

Hello there,

I’m not hugely tecky and I had an idea about playing my music on the phone. I have a fair amount of music files and really don’t want to do streaming or anything like that, just play what I have.
I thought to get an SD card and store some music on that and play it when I want to. I copied some music onto the SD drive, and I installed the SD card.
I can’t seem to see the files on the card. I downloaded a music app from fdroid but now I am stuck.

Any ideas? Were my thoughts about the music reasonable?

Thanks for any thoughts.


Maybe you have to format/erase the SD card before you can use it with your phone.

  1. Copy all your music to a safe place.
  2. Put the SD card into the phone.
  3. Format/erase the SD card.
  4. Connect the Fairphone with an USB cable to the computer.
  5. Select “MTP” in the popup, untick the other options. (But I think you can also copy your files if you select “Mount SD card”.)
  6. Copy your music files to the SD card in the phone.
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Diamond - thanks so much, Tofra.


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