How can I modify the notification drawer to add a "Disable Lockscreen" tile?

Hi all,

I would like to add a new tile to the notification drawer (the one you pull down from the top) to temporarily disable my lockscreen.

I know that CyanogenMod provides the feature to modify the notification drawer. Is something similar possible with the default Android version installed on the Fairphone?



That’s not the reply you expect, but there is a paying app named Skiplock that’ll allow to auto-disable the lockscreen when “feeling” wifis or other features whose presence means you are in a safe place.
This app features a drawer notification which, when displayed and clicked, toggles the lock IIRC.
There are also a range of other alternatives in this area; I chose Skiplock against others because it seems the only one to control the ‘drawing’ lock (others only handle lock codes)

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Dear Herve5,

Skiplock is an appropriate app solution to work around the problem.

Thanks for mentioning!


Is there any possibility to arrange the shortcut-tiles like in cyanogen mod? I would like to add a tile to enable the tethering hotspot.

Yeah, you can use “GravityBox” which needs the “XposedFramework”, see XDA-Forum.
For me it is working like a charm, but thanks to its huge possibilites one should read a little bit how to use it in advance!
Cheers, Robert

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Thanks,I’ll try.
Otherwise I’m really happy with the Fairphone OS.
But in several points, cyanogen mod is much flexible.