How can I get a Fairphone in South Africa?

Hey peeps! I live in South Africa and I’d love to own a fairphone. I want to support an ethical company and seems a shame to not make it easier for people within Africa to get hold of a phone that reduces issues here.

The Fairphone company is only licensed to ship within Europe, so you’ll need to have it forwarded to you by a friend or a company specialized in these kind of things.
Though be aware that if you’ll ever need support to repair or replace parts of the phone you’ll have to do the same procedure to send it back.
An easier way to get a fair phone would be to get a second hand one.


The German reseller Vireo ships worldwide:


The Finnish seller ecosto is shipping worldwide as well.
When chosing South Africa as country I come from, they offer prices in USD (and any other currency to chose from) and the phone is 511.53 $ while shipping will be 39.84 $.
And they offer “Free shipping to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Poland And Czech for orders over 75 euros.


Thanks guys, much appreciated! What are the chances that you’ll have an issue with a Fairphone2? Do Fairphone have any plans to start offering services in Africa?

There are is no official data about this. I’d say the risk is high enough that you really should have a suitable plan in place for what to do if you have an issue (=secondary phone + friend in Europe who can forward you e.g. spare parts if you need them).

This will surely not happen in the next years.

Additional (South Africa) taxes might come on top of that.

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If there are more users near you, you could perhaps set up a heaven and help each other, and ask friends who happen to fly in from Europe to bring some spare parts with them every time.

In Africa, you’re at least lucky that the network frequencies are the same as in Europe. People in the Americas and East Asia are often having trouble with that!


And most likely customs as well.
One should check with customs authorities always before importing stuff. :wink:


If you find someone traveling to SA, they could bring the phone there… I am planning to go to Africa in March but that’s Kenya, not South Africa - too far away for you. Africa is a lot bigger than Europe!


Hi Kristina, I am looking to sell my Fairphone 2 - it’s brand new as it was a present that I have not been able to use (I had recently already purchased a new phone)! I could ship it to you by special delivery?

That makes me sad… :frowning: Africa is one of the fastest developing economies in the World and the most reliant on mobile. It’s a shame Fairphone aren’t thinking to support African countries - a massively missed opportunity I think.

Wow, how much do you want for it? Can you send me some photos? What colour is it? I’m in Cape Town area so we’ll need to definitely get a courier.

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I never said they don’t think about or wish to expand to Africa - just that it’s not realistic for the next years.


Next years is long… :frowning: I don’t want to support chinese / unethical companies. I hope an African company will emerge and offer ethical mobiles one day. :wink:

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Hey, sorry for the slow reply. Yes, I can! I’ll direct message you :slight_smile:

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